My Mum Is Cooler Then Me

I am going through this phase in my life where I am coming to the conclusion that my mum has a better social life then I do. Here is a list of factors that make my mum cooler then me:
- She is going to V-Fest 
- She is going on a girls holiday (by the way there is a strong chance I am not even going to leave the   country this year.) 
- She posts on Instagram all the time. 
- So far she has been out nearly every Friday or Saturday while I have been siting at home watching     Netflix

How have I gone from being a social (or as near to the point as I can) get 18 year old and then suddenly a boring 19 year old. How is my mum considered more popular then me. 
(Well actually it wasn't really that hard to be fair.) 

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