Working Retail Has Told Me...

Working in retail is one of those factors that you can't explain fully to unless that other person has also worked in retail. Have you ever tried to express the pain of someone simply throwing a coat over a place that it doesn't belong, or simply someones card not working on the 4th try is the most irritating moment in the world. Trying to explain something such as retail work is like trying to explain what water tastes like. 
Bloody annoying and near impossible. 

Yes of course there are different types of retail jobs, shoes, beauty, clothes and customer service; I have only had the (dis)pleasure to work in customer services and clothing. Now please when I say displeasure I do not mean I do not enjoy the job or the people. I have met some of the most amazing people from my retail jobs it's just the experience themselves and the customers are sometimes one of the worst most stressful moments you will encounter.  

Things I have learnt/realised/ learnt to hate from working in retail:

• The smallest thing such as simply hanging a jacket in the wrong place can cause the largest amount of up rest. 
(I mean really does it take that much effort to simply walk back to the place you picked up that lovely item, simply hang it back up in the right place and with a look of some decency so I haven't got to hover behind you waiting for you to walk away before I fix it and take it back to the right place again.) 

• You don't learn to make friends with the wonderful people you meet in your work place then your 4 hour shifts will feel like 10 and well your 10 hour shifts will feel like a life time. 
(I have only worked in one place where I did not get on with people, now that is saying something cause I will befriend anyone you give me the chance but this one place, not to name names but it just wasn't nice to work there, the people made it awkward boring place to be. Just glad I don;t work there anymore aye!) 

• Being able to learn to hide your tiredness, hung overness, boredom and general annoyance within the small space of the 3 walls of the fitting room. 
(You would never know how much a couple of minuets hiding in 3 walls and giving yourself a well deserved break is exactly what you need 6 hours into your shift.) 

• Everyone with a big bag is clearly in the store to steal stuff. 
(This comes hand in hand with judging nearly every individual who might look slightly suspicion, sometimes all it takes is a weird look, or a old track suit and suddenly they're Robin Hood stealing from the retail and keeping for themselves.) 

• You can literally go from having spent the previous day celebrating christmas and thinking that your job is a million years away and then suddenly you are back in the same place you were 2 days early, oh year the day before christmas. 

• Understand what footwear will suit and help your feet is a trick to lasting on the job. 
(The amount of times I have sacrificed fashion for comfort and not worn a certain outfit because trainers just aren't acceptable to wear with it.  

• Bank Holidays, 4 day weekends and public holidays in general are a thing of the past. 
(I can count one 1 hand the 2 days off for certain you will have over the year. Christmas day and Easter Sunday are for certain the 2 days you will have off.) 

• A simple question such as "Are you sure?" will set of the mood you had been hiding for the last 3 hours. 
(Yes I have been in the stock room 4 times today and yes I have noticed that we do not have that item you are after and please do not question me as half my day is spent in the stock room and answering the same questions therefore yes I am sure we do not have that top in your size. Go to another store.) 

What does working mean to you, or more what does little things about working in retail annoy you?

Love Always 

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