All That Junk & Too Much Self Love (For Social Media)

Deep breather, close your eyes, re-open eyes and count to 10. 

Do not worry that your stomach isn't flat in this image. 
Do not fret that your arms aren't skinny. 
Praise the lord your eyebrows are on fleek.
Shout from the roof tops that your have junk in your trunk.

There seems to be an unspoken rule about the pictures people post on social media. Something that people don't speak about. And something that for some reason is linked into everyone.
I mean don't get me wrong of course you wanna post pictures that make you feel good and pictures that make you think you look sexy as F. But why does that mean perfectly posed, breathing in and airbrushed so all the laughter lines are removed from your face.
The social media beauty idea is not real beauty.
I don't wanna scare someone who meets me in real life cause they are shocked to discover my natural skin tone is not sepia or that I don't have the biggest bum in the world as I can't walk around all day sticking it out. I mean really that isn't a shock you wanna give someone.
I wanna make sure someone is prepared when I sit down and my stomach rolls, that if I wear something fitted there is no iron board stomach and more of something which resembles a speed bump, but thats okay cause everyone has already seen my no make face, my greasy hair and spotty chin. I like to think people know what they are getting when they see me in real life and so not have to check my social media in thinking they've come to see the ugly twin rather then the person they are following.

It took a lot for me to upload these pictures. But you know what I kinda really like them. They're me.

I wished that when I sat down my stomach didn't look like this but then I also wish that Leonardo Dicaprio loved me, so nothing ever goes your way does it.

I brought this killer dress from Depop and it is hella old, ancient in fact; NewLook. I wasn't sure if I would like it, well no. I knew I would like it. I just didn't think that I would like it on myself. I don't normally choose the body con look normally; it shows all my lumps and bumps and well old Alice would have crawled under the quilt for days to hide away from the shame of someone seeing a possible lump or even worse a bump. But then I thought you know what I feel that I am over it. 
Of course there will be the underlying feelings of self loathing when I seemed to have eaten my own weight in pasta or when the white bread rolls from sainsburys just look too good. But then again it is underlying. Therefore that means not here in the present. Not knocking on my door screaming to get in.
I like to over imagine insecurities as then they are more amusing rather then scary. 

But this little old blog post has appeared to turn into a OOTD, and as much I would love to let you all know about this sassy number and these extra sassy boots this is not the main reason for this rambling on the interweb. 

"You need to love yourself and be yourself one hundred percent before you can actually love someone else."  - Christina Perri

Everyone put your hands up if you have ever seen something you do not like about yourself. (The sad reality is if everyone on the planet read this blog post then I'm sure 99.9% of those people would put their hands up waving in the air. )To many people are sadly and heart breakingly effected by anxiety, body image issues,  and general self hate. 
Now even though I am saying "I'm over it" I do not mean to say "I'm Over it." It's simply more towards the back of my mind rather then attempting to claw it't way out the front. 

It confuses me how I use to be so caught up in what other people think of me. It use to be my thought everytime I was around everyone other then my mum or sister. I wouldn't be myself in case someone judged me. I have this habit of fixing my hair all the time, making it fluffy, sorting out the parting and general fidgeting. BTW this is my poker tell. Basically it's what I do when I'm nervous, either that or bite my nails! But mainly hair fixing.
Thinking about what other people might be thinking about me, is a big on set to this tell tale sign.

Understanding that everything you are, everything you will be is more then what you look like and more then what other people think of you.

Too much self love, ha don't make me laugh, you can have too much cake, (so I have been told,) too much alcohol (not yet to find out!) But you can nEver have too much self love.
I have always liked the idea of not judging yourself by the standards put on you by others. And I think it is something to live by.

1.  Look in the morning for 10 minuets everyday and pick out one thing you love about yourself. 
2. Complement at least one other person in the morning, noon and night. (If you make someone else feel great it will make you feel even greater.) 
3. Understand that no body is perfect and once you realise you will stop comparing yourself. (Someone may be skinnier then you but you've got better hair.) No one is the best at everyone and everyone has something they deserve to be proud of and love.)
4. Get to know your body, know what looks goods and dress for it. Once you understand what suits you your confidence will flourish as everything you wear you will look sexy as hell in!
5. Understand that you are the key to your own hapipness. 

Tell When You Love Yourself!

Love Always 

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