I Tried To Adult... I failed

So growing up is a fact of life, they say you are as old as you feel; and well right now I'm feeling about 35 years of age in terms of not wanting to go to clubs, wanting only posh nice bars and dinner dates with friends and well quite frankly wanting to be home by 12 (its an accomplishment if I can be in bed before the morning of the next day, quite frankly the level my life was reached at this moment.) But there are exciting times ahead. 
Like I said before; dinner dates and cocktails are just about what I can stand as a 'night out' at the minute, I don't know why, maybe it's because I haven't been out in a while or simply that there is nowhere ever so slightly posh or swanky around where I live. And don't be fooled the renown name of 'Sugar hut' is neither of these things. 
Yes the further out the better, London I'm thinking.

Imagery is something of a strong suit of mine. Hair like ginger spaghetti is a favourite.
But when myself and a friend went for a meal in a very grown up restaurant and neither of us could eat spaghetti correctly I took it as a sign that we should not be allowed to become adults. Simply eating pasta is a deep meaning when you fail to eat like a adult. Theres deep imagery there trust me.

Am I meant to be able to sort out tax and understand mortgages, because up until a couple of months ago I had no idea what a mortgage was. It makes me laugh but also equally scared. How am I meant to be an adult when I simply can't be an adult.  I sit want to sit around watch mama mia while drinking wine and singing along. It is one of the best past times. Trust me .

Being closer to 30 then any other important age is kinda a big deal, as big and scary as something being in your closet when you're a little kid. Everytime I open Facebook there are more engagements, new babies and first houses. I'm still sat at home single as can be and currently babies seem to annoy me more then ever. My links to growing up simply lead to moving to Nottingham for University, I'll allow myself the achievement of reaching Uni, even if it is a year later then most people.

When you have conversations about engagement rings with your best friend and talking about bridesmaid dressing and what you look best and worst in, you really do start to see how little your 'grown up' life is moving forward.  Maybe I'll just hang onto the hope that my Mid 20's will be my times.

I hate to be the person to quote Disney, but I am sure somewhere deep down in the tales of Peter Pan, (I'm sure my sister will be able to tell me) there is something about never growing up. But then that can be taken as a two sided opinion. He never wants to grow up as he is scared but then Wendy knows she has no choice but to grow up.
(This sounds silly but hear me out.)
You can run away from growing up, but nothing will stop it, there is no time machine, no magic potion and there is no far away land, second star to the left (see sister I did listen growing up) that will keep you young. But just like Wendy, even though you may age, and your hair looses colour and your bones aren't as great as they use to be. (fingers crossed mine get no worse.) You can stay youthful. My mum always says, "you're only as old as you feel.  Hopefully I'll never start to feel old.

Okay Alice stop getting sentimental and write a list. A list always brings you back down to earth again.

So enjoy this list.

Things that scare me about growing up (it includes remembering a lot of things.) 

1. Remembering everyones important birthdays. 

2. Having to always remember my keys and not rely on my mum to be home to let me in. 

3. Having to be the person to ask to leave as I can no longer make it out past 1 in the morning. 

4. Starting to like coffee.

5.Wearing trainers to work

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  1. I'm twenty-five in a few days and your list of things that scare you about growing up all apply to me now haha! But now that they've happened, they aren't that bad! I'm not proud of wearing trainers to work though... That's one I wish hadn't happened. But so far, I definitely feel like my mid-twenties are much more exciting and dramatic than my early twenties were (and they felt pretty exciting at the time)! So there is definitely loads to be excited about in terms of ageing ;) I work with lots of ladies that are 65+ and they have more fun than I do! So I just focus on the fact that if everything goes well, you just keep having more and more fun haaa


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