Just Because It Isn't Math Doesn't Make It Worthless

I have grown to become one of those people who share video's all over Facebook. But however they are not clips of cats falling off trampolines and now seem to fall into the political, stop assuming women need to do what you say videos. Along side these classic favourites of mine, something which has appeared to be showing up a lot more is the subject of the arts. 
Recently our very own British Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has quoted that "art subjects limit career choices." In the short term this is really starting to piss me off. 
I am sure I am not the only one out there who agrees. I'm a fashion student and I'm proud. I'm not very good at art but I love looking at it. I can't sing but I live to find new bands, and god knows I cannot act but well who doesn't love films or tv. The Arts are important if not for careers then simply just to make your life enjoyable. 

I am not going to lie, I hated drama when I was at school, but there is a strong chance that was because of the dragon that taught me the subject. No really she was awful and unfair and moaned a lot about silly things. I will blame her for me never winning an oscar and never marrying Leonardio DeCaprio. 
However this does not mean I hated the subject and that I thought anyone taking the classes were wasting their time. I have had the underlying wish to be classed as the arty one for some time. 11 year old Alice thought that the now considered 'different' kids were the 'cool' kids. I would have given everything to find what I was good at. I tried painting, drawing, music, acting, dance and everything in between; the arts were a massive factor in my life. Only recently have I discovered that the love I have of fashion is considered my 'art' not making clothes like most people but experimenting with them, wearing what I want clashing as much as possible and trying out new things as much as possible. 

I will take your mind back to A-Level Alice, coming into college with the wishes of leaving university as a criminal psychologist, having earnt my dotorate within the subject and being a very successful academic. It is clear to say that, that dream died well around the 2nd week of college. In simple terms I realised I wasn't more then likely smart enough to pursue that career but also that there was something I enjoyed more. But for now there is also the very vivid memory of this phase from some what of another horrid teacher of mine:
" Just because Universities put the term 'studies' after a subject does not mean its worth anything!" * in context to media studies* 
 And just for good measure lets throw another spanner in the works: 
" oh you want to study fashion communication and promotion, I didn't even know that was considered a real degree." *well yes Amy, it is a real degree and yes it might not have been history like the one you got but your teaching was boring and your head bands were ugly.*
Fashion, specifically writing about it and studying everything to do with it. Yes you can of course get more arty in terms of drawing or designing clothes but being experimental with writing and creating ideas based around fashion for others was just as much art for me art drawing a bunch of sunflowers for Mr Gogh might have been. (Well okay a less famous and no where near as beautiful, but I'm trying to be poetic here so just go with it.) 
Just because it might not be considered 'academic' by some boring people does not mean it will not get you a career.
You know I love a good list so let me give you one or maybe 2. 

Celebrities Who Have An Arts Based Degree:
• Adam Sandler - Masters in Fine Art
Alec Baldwin -  Bachelor's in Fine Arts
• David Letterman - Bachelor's in Broadcasting
David Schwimmer  - Bachelor of Arts 
Denzel Washington - Bachelor in Theater 
James Earl Jones - Bachelor's in Drama 
Jamie Foxx - Bachelor's in Music Arts
Jennifer Garner -  Bachelors in Drama
• Mathew McConaughey -  Bachelor's in Film Direction
Meryl Streep - Bachelor's in Fine Art & Masters in Fine Art and Drama
•Oprah Winfrey - Bachelor in Speech and Drama 
Rachel McAdams - Bachelor's in Fine Arts 
•Sandra Bullock -  Bachelor's in Drama 

Please see your attention to the list above. Yes they are not members of parliament, they might not be math genius' but they are names that you know and names you love in some of the most popular franchises you know to date.  So many of the men and women in the list above have been able to have an impact on charities all around the world, help save children, impact people every wear to be themselves and made it okay to be yourself through some of the most emotional films, tv shows and music that people know. 
Okay so yes this list is full of people who went to college and bare in mind received a bachelor's or higher in an 'art' based subject. They have moved on to have some of the most successful careers and have made house hold names for themselves in subjects they love making a successful (the word is used as an understatement) career, and in the process have made the lives of the people like me and you wonderful lot even better. 
They doesn't seem very limited to me Nicky. 

Okay so I will take your Art Degrees and raise you no college education at all:

Lord Alan Sugar - 
Left school at 16 years old, started off by selling television aerials. Failed a computer programmer test, rejected from IBM. Started his own computer company in 1968 and by the 1980's was one of the biggest suppliers of computers. Sold his company for £125m. 

- Simon Cowell - 
Left school at 16, working his way up in the music business from the mail room. His record label was not always a success and had to move back in with his parents in order to start it up. Now he produces the X-factor in a handful of countries all over the world as well as Britain's got Talent and recording artists well and loved by millions. 

- Sir Richard Branson - 
Left school at 16 started a mail order record business opened a store on oxford street in 1970 and started his own record label in 1972. Over 40 years later the Virgin group includes over 200 companies in over 30 countries. 

- Mary Portas - 
She originally didn't take her place at the royal academy of dramatic art (another art degree I might add.) Worked throughout John Lewis, Harrods, Topshop and Harvey Nichols where she was appointed to the board of directors at 30. She has had numerous TV shows and lectures internationally on many retail matters. 

So this is a final message to dear old Nicky Morgan, This might be a list of famous people that took me for bloody ever to put together in order to prove my point but it works. And well you know if google lists and figures can't help you then maybe a little bit of inside opinions might do my justice.  
As I did mention before right back up there at the good old top. I am a fashion student. No not the kind that can make a bin bag into a master piece but a fashion student all the same. I have spent nearly a year with some of the most creative people I know. It might be that they have their own ideas about what businesses they want to start up, or be pretty bloody amazing on photoshop and understand the ins and outs of magazine publishing simply from one InDesign lesson but no matter what they are creative. And this is not creative in a way that is allows it to be described as an excuse to be good at the only thing left and having a good imagination is the only option left. But in the way that makes me happy to call them my friends and my class mates. Going through this little section of 'the fashion world' I have come across growing designers who have worked 60+ hours in a week to get their collections onto the run way. People who make their living from drawing other people and being bloody good at it. I have been able to witness  the joy that simply wearing what they want when they want has brought someone. And there is no MP in the world that can convince me that doing the arts that you love will in any way limit your career. 

People choose to go into the arts because of one thing and one things only, because they love doing so. There are actors out there with engineering degrees, science and medical bachelors who have chosen not to pursue it in order to complete the subject they love the most. I went into education thinking I needed to be some high academic person whith a Phd and an endless amounts of awards behind me, always getting the highest grades in the class in order to think I was successful in life. When really all I needed was to understand what I wanted to do the most. Just because that choice will not leave me in a 6 year + university education and a bunch of letters after my name, or the title of member of parliament creating the illusion I am allowed to say whatever I want. 
Does not mean in anyway I or anyone I know who choose to be creative, arty or a little bit different will in get any less of a career then you MISS MORGAN!!!

P.S we'll be the people dressing you so me nice or we'll make you wear corduroy jeans and think crocs have come back into fashion. Start paying your taxes and worrying less about the people you're shit scared to admit are better then you. 

Love Always 

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