Apparently Liking Avocados Is Cool Now

So shopping list essentials, twin pack of ripe and ready avocados and a packet of sanitary towels.... One I'm told are in short supply and the other has the stupid pink tax attached to them.
But that's not important, annoying but not important. The point I am trying to say is, since when has wanting to eat a green smushy fruit been cool. When has buying these two things together deserved funny looks from the cashier? I mean they are both equally practical items and both I was in desperate need of, I really fancied upping the anty on my already fab salad lunch. 

Now I know what you're thinking Alice, you haven't posted anything in over a 3 weeks and now you're talking about bloody avocados and towels, what has this got to do with anything? 

Basically this is my edgy lead into why standing out from the crowd can be hard. Spoiler alert. If you ever find me staring at you in public I'm either admiring an amazing beard or more then likely I'm in amazement of your dress sense and style. Yes I'm being a typical fashion student here. But truly you will find me looking at clothes, what you've paired them with, how you pull them off, your tattoos, hair styles and basically anything which I seem to be stand out and just be really cool. So just don't think I'm being rude cause I couldn't be further from that if I tried. 
But however at the same time I have that little voice inside my head telling me to look in 30 second intervals just in case my chosen target decides I'm being out of line and assumes I'm just being rude. 

*note to self; start complimenting strangers more* 

“No matter how "normal" people look, living "ordinary" lives, everyone has a story to tell. And may be, just like you, everyone else is a misfit too.” 

So yes anyway back to that green smushy thing. (Trust me this is leading somewhere)

Avocados are everywhere, everyone seems to love them. But what if you don't like them, what if you sand out in the check out queue cause you're buying oranges and not the green edible heaven? Well then the answer is simple carry on. Being different is good. Sometimes it can be bloody hard and really kinda scary but it pays off all the same!
(Told it was proving  point!) 

Trust me, it's coming from someone who knows, anyone else who is 5ft 10 and has massiv curly, mainly fluffy frizzy hair, someone who has in their live either had that hair bright pink or bright orange. 
*Dramatic entrance*
*Enter Alice* 

I feel that living up to quotes such as 'stay strong' is a good thing to do or 'be true to yourself' but when your life followers the patterns of "did you get dressed in the dar?" and the answer is genuinely 'no, I just like pairing green flowers with black and while stripes and blue and yellow trainers' the truth is when you're on a tube carriage or walking past a handful of people you are gonna get some weird looks and sadly some comments too. 
And that's not the hard bit, anyone can say something sure everyone has a voice and what they can can either be nice or be mean, but the hard bit is learning to ignore it. Trust me it took me bloody long enough to grow that back bone in, sometimes I think it disappears on my worse days but a solid 98% of the time it will stick around, (thank god, how else would I be sassy and sarcastic all at the same time?) 
Having the ability to be able to not listen to the bad stuff or the courage to wear what you want is something which takes times. But I can clearly say I felt better in myself and happy in myself the moment I realised I could do this, I could wear what I want and not care. It didn't bother me that I was taller then most people or that no one had hair like me with everything thing I accepted about myself my back bone grew a little more. 

So after what started  off as a weird introduction about fruit and random shopping lists the one thing I have learn in my life is to only spend your time around people who love the differences about you. Once you take the people out of your life who don't do anything for you and the people who stop that back bone from growing by notting letting you be you, the difference you will see in yourself will truly be amazing. 

Told you the avocado line was going somewhere. 

How do you stand out in the crowd? 

Love Always 

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