Who You Gonna Call? A Strong Female Lead(s)

Okay so this thing happened, they remade a classic with an all female cast, oh yeah and they switched many of the the 'normal' roles around, made it funny rather then sexy and didn't out anybody down. All in all they did nothing wrong. In fact they couldn't have done anything more right. 
Not that I'm bragging but on one of my very cool and totally popular cinema dates with none other then my mum we decided to see what the new Ghostbusters movie was all about, It's safe to say I was pleasantly surprised... wait no who am I kidding I knew it was going to be funny, you out these 4 women in a room together for an hour and a hilarious movie reboot is the smallest of the things they shall come up with. 
Anyone who is anyone would have at some point in their life seen at least one of the Ghostbusters movies, but I don't see why you would watch one and not the other, if you ask me it's complete madness. And of course the biggest change from this remake to the original was the all female leads, yes you did hear me right, us women remade a classic, they didn't have sexy suits, they weren't all size 4, they were clever, there was no dumb jokes and in conclusion it still came out as something great. Okay I won't lie the story line itself won't be up for any oscars any time soon but it's fun, light hearted and just works as 2 hours of fun!

One of the most important things about this movie is the factor that the leads are all women who represent a large section of the normal women in every day life. There is Leslie Jones, a women of colour who is aged 48 not sample size, but most importantly, bloody funny as hell. There is Kate McKinnon, even though she may look like the assumed pretty blonde girl who is the brunt of the dumb jokes, in this film she is the main brains, care free and openly gay, not 'normally' how the blonde is seen in the movies. It wouldn't be right to comment on the great cast without of course mentioning Melissa McCarthy, known for leading funny roles in her self written roles, there was no surprise when her character took no nonsense from anybody, ghost or the rubbish receptionist; even when possessed by a ghost you couldn't but help and laugh at the extent of her psychical and dry sense of humour. It's it funny how they made Kristen Wiig the 'Boring' professor one without the glasses, ugly arse shoes and sad lonely life, no in fact they made her passionate about science and full of funny one liners. 

Take that Stereotypes..... 

What really does having strong female leads do to the movie?
Do they make it less likely to hit high in the box office then male female leads... No!
Does it mean only girls will go and see it..... No there was many more men to us girls in the cinema when I saw it on the big screen!
Will the original cast be annoyed at how they have changed the story line..... I mean I'm pretty sure Bill Murray and Dan Aykrod wouldn't have made an appearance, spoken on talk shows and praised all the ladies if they disagreed with what they were doing. 
What this film really does is allow everyone but mainly us girls to understand you don't need to make the costumes 3 inches shorter to grab the attention of the audience, a few funny jokes here and there will do, and not only that it shows that actresses who choose to these remakes are in complete control of the respect they have received throughout the whole process, you can see each individuals acting and sense of humour coming through... I mean for goodness sake even sexy Chris Hemsworth is funny, isn't annoyed at the way he is portrayed, flipping the stereotypes up for this movie... Crushing the Patriarchy since the first Slime attack!

Woah, wait what.... the male character had the roles reversed. He was the dumb blonde.... and you know what, it means a lot for this film and the messages behind it. Seeing as us girls are normally the blonde big boobed eye candy it gives us something to stare at, and enjoy for our eyes....
And of course Chris Hemsworth was totally cool with it. Girls are allowed to stare to, just 99.9% of the time we will keep it too ourselves, do it politely, never cat call and pass it over with a compliment rather then a crappy remark about your arse, I'm just saying it wouldn't hurt to take a lesson from us once in a while. 

Basically all in all please don't fuck with the Ghost Busters and try pulling it off that It's unfair on men, this is what women go through all the time in movies! 

Don't even think about it! 

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