Going Braless... Way Before It Was Cool #FreeTheNipple

Okay so I’m not what you would say ‘gifted’ in the boob department, they have been described as a nice handful which depending on your desired preference is either a good or a bad thing. In my mind, that’s a good thing, as to much of a good thing could slowly turn into back pain, expensive bras and a general uncomfortable experience, however that is just from what I have heard, like I said before, I am making no one jealous of what I am packing under my chest. This is the main reason why I go braless. Just like people with big boobs need to wear a bra for support, I find if the top is fitted enough or there are enough layers over the whole boob area in general then a bra just kinda isn’t needed, they can support themselves and they do just fine in doing so.

No this is not to say I haven’t made a few mistakes in my time and chosen to be free when they should have been a little more controlled. You know the moment you realise there is more movement under your top then you had kinda wished for! But you’re here now there’s no going back, you gotta stick this out till the end. It ain’t no winter month and you can’t hind it under a jacket or scarf; no matter how much I tried to tell ‘developing’ Alice. When bras became an essential item and a every day thing, I sort of always, well least 7/10 times forgot to wear one. And I can say now, white cotton school shirts and no bra is not an 11 year olds best friend. 

But why has it suddenly become a big thing since Kendal Jenner stated she didn’t want to wear a bra. I mean its no surprise, she isn’t exactly the same size as some of her sisters in that department I mean, okay if I could afford designer underwear then you might find me wearing bras a little more often but still somethings can just go without having a bra under them. All that padding gets in the way, soon enough they stop looking natural and they just feel like they’re simply sat on your chest. Maybe that’s just me. But bras are uncomfortable. I can assure you, you will struggle to find any female out there who doesn’t agree that the best feeling in the world is getting home, tying your hair up, putting on comfy pants and taking your bra off. You know what they say “home is where the bra isn’t” and as a avid braless lass I couldn’t agree more.

“Are you wearing a bra?”

Something what confuses me is when people are confused as to the matter why I’m not wearing one. It’s nothing indelicate or scientific, there’s no medical reason it’s simply because I don’t want to. I base my outfits around not having to wear a bra. And on the rare occasions that I do it those pretty lace ones that feel like you’re 100% free anyway, and are mostly worn 98% to make me feel pretty about myself. End of fact.

So when people start talking about going braless as if it is a new thing suddenly made cool by the Kardashian's I get confused as to why that has made front page news and not something 100 times more important. Even when they are trying to bring women into the spot light for freedom and self love its sexualised and brought to you buy a reality TV who needs about as much more fame as a fish needs to learn to ride a bike.

None of this is new news, celebrities and us regular people have been freeing the nipple for all sorts of reason. Whether it is to stand up for women’s rights, make a stand on body confidence or simply for comfort, is it any surprise that us girls feel pressured into push up bras, boob jobs and sexy bra validation when magazines write articles about the best and worst cleavages after award shows. And we’re fighting a battle we just can’t win, either we are named prudes by not having them on show or if they’re naturally or even artificially big and they happen to be on show we’re a slut. There are never any articles depicting the bulges under men’s trousers at awards shows or judging how sagging a mans bum has become over the years, as that would be seen as wrong and demoralising; so hey wait a minuet why are the equivalents of these getting okayed by multi million pound publishing houses??? Oh yeah because it gets views and it’s only a laugh.

So what I have to say about the matter of boobs is that not everyone’s are perfect, not everyone is going to like them, some people will love them and even if you decide to walk around with glittery pink love hearts only covering your nipples then its your choice.
No one else’s. Not some magazine or another human being. The only person’s opinion who matters is you. So love yourself once in a while cause you’re all pretty bloody amazing.

Love Always

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