Am I going To Stick At This Daily Blogging? Probably not? Will I Try? Yes.

I've spent the past 20 minuets trying to find the right GIF or photo to use for this post and this realised that I hadn't finished off my colouring within my Harry Potter colouring book so spent some more time on that; before finally reasoning that I'm home alone and now would be the best time for me to write. I'm not too sure what makes me want to do this daily blogging factor but I just think it might help me navigate myself through the stresses of starting Uni moving away and poor out my hear about how horribly single I am. Or it might just be a chance for me to moan about anything and everything that annoys me. We'll soon see I guess. 

I didn't in fact have anything planned for today but then I was invited round a friends house who I hadn't seen in a while and it became a really chilled nice sunny day in the sun. So nothing too crazy or anything out there. Just a chilled day in the sun. But I did realise today it was the first time in a long time that I had left the house in short... well okay a playsuit but you get what I mean, my white pastey chubby legs were out, it was hot, and I am a proud member of the no thigh gap zone. It took me one random selfie, head phones on and sunglasses to avoid contact with anyone to pluck the courage to leave the house. It was too hot for anyone today and I was not suffering in this heat in order to hide my chubby legs away from anyone who might be looking. I  had massive earrings in, a multi coloured playsuit and a flowery shirt, they must have brought more attention to people then the state of my pins. But it kinda got me thinking that how come I could wear this outfit at a festival and not bat an eye, but walking around where I lived made me nervous. I mean for goodness sake the 3 girls I was going to see are some of the most none judgemental, nicest people you'll meet, so what the hell was I worried about? 

Oh you know just my crippling insecurities coming out to say hello again. 

But the more I walked around and was grateful that I wasn't sweating buckets as I might have been if I'd worn layers like I do most days the more happy I was that I decided to wear my favourite playsuit. I will just ignore the fact that my sandals were rubbing, even them couldn't spoil my mood. (Even though they tried bloody hard to do so.) 

So I guess this is what this daily blogging is going to turn into, my mind poured out onto this keyboard. And this is being posted at 10 past 11 so its still in today. Fingers crossed I remember to post again tomorrow. 

I don't know how much of this you can call a post, it might be a little crap. 
But it'll get better I promise. 

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