Does Having 876 Connections on Linkedin Me Cool?

Am I cool yet mum, did I make it into the cool gang because now people like my photos on Instagram and people comment on my Facebook profile? Or am I worrying about things that just don't need to be worried about. Why do I give a shit if I get 1 or 20 likes on my selfie that is not the highlight of my day, nor is it important; but it's all okay cause I have 876 connections on LinkedIn, so basically I'm Business savy and people want to connect to me on one of the most impersonal levels around. 
But I ask again does this make me cool. 

I won't lie I owe the sudden increase in likes and comments of social media to the wonderful girls I work with and the future girls on my Uni course. (And when I say increase in likes and comments I mean from 4 too 20. Which my my account is rather a huge jump so lets not piss on my parade!) 

I've never really cared about social media or how many likes etc I get on it but you know it's nice to think people appreciate your face or the bad joke you tweeted at half 1 in the morning. I know that people are always on about how much social media has changed their lives, I mean for goodness sake their are people who only have careers because of social media, so it is of course responsible for a lot and I find out most news from it, I mean my own mum would probably malfunction without her daily does of the Daily Mail app, so it's insightful and I mean I always know what the Kardashians are too, so maybe I wouldn't be able to work if I didn't have it. But then I'm not dependent on it, I know I can get through the day without checking Facebook or comparing my likes of my newest selfie to my last one. But you know if you did wanna like my face on a screen with 2 or more filters applied then be my guest. 

Yet again I have just down loaded the new iPhone update and I'm excited about annoying my best friend with hand draw images then anything else about it, so I guess you could say I'm rather picking and choosing what part of the social world I am loving the most. I'm just kinda hoping that there is still more then things then the most likes on social media. 

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