Fashion Week To Harry Potter Socks

Today was an interesting day, I got to see London Fashion Week in full swing, speak to beautiful models, realise I like my legs better with fake tan and actually take the photos I wanted for a change. But now I’m at home with my dog asleep on my lap, a large mug of tea and my Harry Potter socks firmly on my feet. I nearly insisted that I do a run way for my mum to show her my new set of winter pyjamas, because yes it isn’t summer anymore and its freezing, so you heard me right, w.i.n.t.e.r PJ’s and they’re perfect.

To be honest I was the happiest that it didn’t rain today, with all those models around I couldn’t be looking like a drown rat now could I, and feeling myself in my new pink coat, eyebrow game strong and a dark though maybe questionable tan on my legs I was on top of my self love game trekking through Brewer Street car park and Spitafields Market. 

Fashion week is a strange one, on one hand its glamorous and everything you would think think fashion week to be and you see some of the best looks just on the street with people who haven’t even got tickets to the shows and then on the other hand, there’s a lot of traffic, angry drivers, crowds and long waits and ushering around to get from one place to another, so you can take your pick really on what you wish to focus on from the day.
Me; I like to look at the people, if you know me at all you will know, give me a coffee shop window, me drinking a large cuppa and an hour to be nosey and sure enough I will know the business of the girl across the road and what the guy nearest to me is getting his sister for her birthday. So you can imagine with all the different types of people that go outside during fashion week I am in my element in finding the coolest, though sometimes strangest looks and just staring long enough to make the individuals uncomfortable. 

This post has taken be over an hour to write and it isn't even that good but i am really rather impressed with this photo that I took of my friends standing outside a sex shop... yes I know really mature. 

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