I Camped In A Field For 5 Days & It Changed Me

Okay so it wasn't for any old reason that I put myself through no running water or a well flushing toilet, it was for the good old cause of Reading Festival. I must point out I am indeed a first time festival goer so you can imagine the stories that I'd heard; from wee being thrown left right and centre, over sized mosh pits to people jumping on your tent at night, but I was okay, I was armed with my fuchsia pink pop up tent my camping chair and enough breakfast biscuits to food the 5000 so I was gonna be okay? Wasn't I?  

You can't really describe the atmosphere of a festival to someone who hasn't really been there themselves, there is of course the day adventures, like Wireless and Love Box but until you add the 4 day old toilet smell and the look of total regret for not bringing enough baby wipes I don't think you've really reached that full experience. Knowing you can go home that night and actually have a bed you haven't spent 30 minuets pumping up the night before at 3am and not having to sleep in a hoodie, 2 t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, trousers and two pairs of socks only to wake up and feel as though you're in an oven or even be scared of touching the side of the tent just in case the condensation soaks your hair would have been the best feeling in the world, but then again it wouldn't have added to my experience. 

I won't lie I went into this experience with a Bear Grylls est floating around in my head, I had it all planned out, anything goes wrong, ring my mum and hide in my tent until the trouble passes, because there is no better feeling in the world then knowing that bottle of urine that hit your tent could have if you'd be 15 seconds slower hit you square in the back. 

In my opinion there are one of two ways you can choose to see a festival; you can go in with an open mind, a large enough first aid kit to help at least 50% of the your camp and a multi purpose bum bag with as many pockets as a women taking over the world will need.... or you can go in with the idea of this being glamorous, the intention of a running water and not having to try and learn the difference between beer and wee. Then again it's however you choose to look at these 5 or 6 days and most of all what you get out of them, but I so thing this has kinda changed me as the person I am today; sat from the comfort of my own home, with a flushing toilet 5 seconds from me, 5 separate clean water points all within arms length and one of the best beds in the world (in my opinion anyway.) 

Things I Learnt From Camping in a Field For 5 Days & Watching Bands Play On Stages: 

1. People take drugs (whoah Alice that's a heavy one to open with,) it kinda just becomes the norm for random people to walk into your camp and if you or any of your mates are selling literally anything. I took this rare moment to let my not so cultured, 'street; side learn the lingo and understand all the nicknames, and literally that is as far as it went, promise Mum. 

2. The smell of the open trough toilets is something that never really leaves you, no amount of will power, perfume or hiding your nose in your top will let you cope with that smell. Top tip which I me and my friend discovered; go once a day in the early hours of the morning, roughly around 3-5am before the sun or rain has hit, and well they're as nice as they're gonna get. 

3. Air mattresses are both a god send and a pain in the arse. If you're not blowing them up at 3am in the morning then they letting themselves down so you wake up basically on the ground with a horrible pain in your back, they bounce you around and before you know it you are waking up with the mattress in front of your face and for a split second you think you're dying. (Or maybe that's just me?)  

4. Mosh pits are inevitable and bound to occur and there is pretty much nothing you can do about them. You will end up in 1 or 5 even if you try all you can to escape them, and strangely enough I always seemed to be near the start of this bundle of bodies; and with personal experience all i can say is find your feet and try and jump with the flow. 

5. This one might just be from the group of people I camped with, but weirdly enough the best group chats are every single romantic ballad from the 80's, I mean it, from Whitney to Celine they sang them all in and effort to bonds as camps.  

By for now Reading Festival, next year I'll be Ready....

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