I'm Running Away From Responsibility

Okay so maybe it's quarter past 11 but it's still the same day, so I haven't failed this daily blogging thing just yet. I deserve a drink.
I started packing for Uni today, to be fair I should have started a week or 2 ago but everytime the thought went into my head I wouldn't let myself believe I was moving 150 miles away on my own for the next 3 year. (Of course I'll be coming home at breaks but you know I like to add a flare of the dramatics too things.) I've had a lot of things to take my mind of moving to uni this summer, I've kept myself busy and became friends with the best remedy for any problems, my new friend Rosè. You may know her, she's been involved in many of my best nights out, but I soon don't like her the next morning; but strangely enough she continues to be involved and responsible for many of my bad dance moves and questionable debates. I hope she joins me at uni. 

However I think this has just become about me drinking, and how much of NOT a problem is it, and you know it's perfectly normal.... I think.  Moving to uni is one of those thinks that you know is going to happen the moment you get that message from UCAS, and if when you're buying bed sheets, a cheese grater and bathroom bins you think you have so much time to relax about everything, but NO that is not the case, it comes around quick and then you need to make sure you are physically and more then anything emotionally ready to become an adult. But then again are we really classed as adults, the first week I will budget and eat veg and then after that I'll be living week to week and pot noodles every other night. But that's okay, cause that's allowed isn't it? 

I'm a bug fan of telling people to chase their dreams and do things they want, whatever they want to do, but maybe I should start taking some of my own, I should stop hiding from my problems and do what I want, I've never really been as happy or simple good as I am right now, so I should start listening to my own voice sometimes, only once in a while though or I might get too full of myself. 

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