Get Yourself A Girl Gang

Here is when you need to the more badass song you have on your Spotify and blast it out in your kitchen with your girl gang. Now I know like clearly people have girl and boys friends, this isn't what I'm pointing out. I'm just saying that basically every girl needs her own little gang. And in that little gang are the very best people, they get you, they understand you and they know what you mean when you say "I'm cool with it" really means... "okay so basically (2 hours later) and yeah well thats why I'm not okay." By supporting your very one girl gang or gangs, cause we're all that popular too have only one, then basically you will always know there's someone there to moan to, cry to, drink with, call, dance, gossip with and empower each other. 

"What Did They Do?" 
So I'll start with the big one, I'll start with the thing that us girls just kinda need the most sometimes. A moan about what the signifiant other did. I do not life in dream land I know that couples and relationships and feelings in general can be shitty, and sometimes it might not even be someones fault, but your girl gang will have your back, they go it. Your back is covered from the moment you walk through the door with anything other than a smile on your face after any kind of encounter with anyone that means the smallest amount to you. The convasation will always follow a similar line of tone and most of the time end in some kind of idle threat from your gang to the so called person in question. But there is no need for the threat to occur as that individual knew what they became part of when they connected themselves to you. Just saying FYI.... You know we know everythanggg......

"Oh Babe Let's Take Another One" 
The selfie truth, this is the test of a real girl gang, I want you too tell me when my double chin is showing, or when my hair has gone flat and when my forehead is way too shiny... please don't be telling me that 'Yeah babe I love it' if you know I'm not gonna love it. And I'll be more than happy for you to suggest angles, lighting and filters that will make me look better than I do in real life. That's how you judge a girl gang and once that barrier is breached then you know yo've got a couple keepers on your hands. Never again will you look bad in a photo. And of course that means they would never put a bad photo of you up on line. Because of course you all must slay ever time your face go together on social media. "Hey babes, like my recent picture!" of course I will as I have your back and I know you've got mine. Those 6 likes you'll always have: your girls and your mum. Hitting that like button since the gang was established. 

"It's cool babe, come in"
There basically becomes an open door policy when it come to any problems, solution or idea that you might have. "Oh You're in the shower? Thats fine I'll just sit on your bed and talk to you through the walls." "I'm just gonna come in the cubicle with you so we can carry on our conversation and pee at the same time," "Babe you better be up we're going out in 1 hour, (*storms into the room and wakes them up form their sleeping tablets.*)Babe get up.'  But everyone knows the ultimate display of friendship is shown when the question, 'will you fake tan my back?' is answered with 'yeah but only if you'll do mine!' That is it. The seal of approval to every girl gang out there. You don't really get much better than that. 

This is the final break down of your girl gang, and I hope by now that you have some names in mind for who might be in yours, I know whose in mine. and trust me they are worth their weight in gold as well as sass. 
- You are allowed to have more than one girl gang, yes I know it might be weird but I have friends who I love and they haven't even all met each other, but that doesn't mean any one is any less of a member of the best club, no it just means I have a wide variety of gangs, each as badass as the last. 
- Your gang can range from anything from 2 too 100; but please remember quality over quantity. I'm sure if anything above applies to you then you've got the best bunch already, but don't try and make your gang too big or you might turn it into a gaggle. 
- Boys can be in your gang too. These guys are gonna be jealous of the bond that us gurls hold together and they gonna wanna join, so let me. But just as long as they're cool with talking about girls stuff, you know periods, boobs, bums and knowing that 40% of the time we'll remind them that al guys are dicks. 
-Be prepared for girl gang break downs. Now I say this carefully this isn't a break up, we're not talking about the spice girls here, purely that this many strong independent women in one place a across of words is about to happen, but you know it is all in good sted and of course no disagreement will last that long. 

Love Always

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