How To Stay Motivated, If You Find It Really Bloody Hard

I think this post is quite fitting really seeing as I set an alarm for 8 and I am still sat in bed at 10. But it hasn't been all bad, I have got 2 whole things completed out of the 916228 that I have to do for University. (Taps self on the back as I am actually doing work for the first time since coming home for Christmas.) I've found it really hard lately to write anything, let alone post on here, it's like when you wake up on time, you feel proud and then suddenly you blink and you've over slept by 3 hours, nothings going right so you just sleep for another 2 hours rather than getting up and carrying on with your day..... Hang on wait, what.. I've never done that. 
But you get what I mean, you have the motivation it just seems to disappear very quickly and its so easy to forget what you real plan was. Yes that's the feeling that I'm having at the moment.  If I'm honestly I would rather be watching The vampire Diaries, and going to gigs then having to face writing, or in fact the struggle of writing I'm having at the moment, but then I have decided I am not in fact letting myself do that. I am making myself do the things I know I want to and not letting work or tiredness get in the way. Cause I mean as much as I love sleep I get so pissed off when I over sleep, and feel so much better when I can write, so here it goes what I do, will be doing and forcing myself to in order to stay on top of all the things I know I need to get done. 

1. Get off my arse and do some exercise:
Now I am not going to lie, I never have been the exercise type, I find it very easy to stop doing excise and to make excuses for it then to just simply do it. Something which I made a pledge to do was to get back into running, something which sadly I also happened to drag my two flat mates into as well. I am in no way the same as I was this time last summer but I am well on the way back to enjoying running again. And it is something which I find helps whenever it comes to feeling like I seem to do at the moment, really rather shitty. I try and do something, even if it is just something little to make myself feel better for the day. Just google hit cardio or cardio blast and suddenly 20 minuets you are ready for the day and you can do all you want. And if you're feeling extra crappy then set yourself a time or distance and do all you can to run it. I mean if you can achieve that then why cant you achieve your uni, college or general work after. 

2. Get up on time:
It sounds really simple but you be surprised how many times I snooze my alarm and then 2 hours wake up pissed at myself for doing so. Something which I have found recently works really well is to set an alarm for15 mins before you want to be up and out of bed. And in those 15 minuets you can go on your phone, read and waste time all ready to be up and at them but the real time you need and want to be up. Otherwise I have known all to well about setting an alarm for 9 getting side tracked by text messages, Facebook or Twitter and before you know it I'm 3 hours deep into a news feed and half hour late out of bed. So take it from an Instagram addict do it all before you officially have to be up and out! And by the time you need to be you would have freed up your time for really life important stuff. 

3. Make time for yourself & find what suits you:
I know what I need to concentrate, and you know what you need to make things work. Okay I'll show you mine if you promise to fulfil yours. I need silence and to be on my own. I mean complete silence and just to be left for a while, otherwise my brain goes into overdraft and rather than the 1 thing I need to understand my brain is trying to decide what to wear, while choosing dinner and setting out the day hour by hour. So I just make sure I am set aside by myself to so what I need and then I can have that good old thing called human interaction take place. I might miss out on some stuff but I sure as hell am thankful for missing that episode of The Big Bang Theory once I've got that blog post written or that section of work done. Find what works for you and do that. Simple as lol. 

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