I'm Going Into My New Year The Best Way

So 2016 has kinda been a weird year, there's been a lot of death and loosing certain famous people, I've lost friends, gained old ones and met wonderful people, as well as starting university and moving out. So it has been a big year to me for learning a lot and noticing a lot about myself. I kinda wanna go into 2017 a lot better version of myself. With all the sass that I have built up over this past year, as well as the normal you know; drinking less and exercise more.

I've done a lot this year and when I was looking through my images from this year I had actually forgotten all the great things id done. I've grown in sass and learnt so much about myself.

My 2016 has consisted of graduating from The FRA, Moving to Nottingham and starting University,  going to Wireless Festival, Reading Festival, I saw the 1975 twice, I had many days out up London and making general memories.

I learnt a lot this year, here's just a few....

You've got to learn to love yourself first: 
So yes I spent this whole year very much, insanely single. (Shocking I know.) But you know what I discovered a lot more in the way of myself. I went through a phase of starting off 2016 as the year of Alice. This year was about me myself and I. Unapologetically about number 1; and for once I am happy to say for the first time in my 20 years of living I fully completed a New Years resolution. (Yay me!) I started to not worry about not being a size 10 and start loving my size 14 arse. I noticed that when I wore what best suited me and what I felt most comfortable in I really started to enjoy what I was seeing in the mirror rather than picking out all the things I thought I could do with changing. Something which really was a bug thing in my head even though only might seem small to other people was feeling comfortable in my own skin, these meaning I didn't have to wake up 2 hours early before a lecture and slap on all the makeup in my bag to be able to feel good about sitting in a lecture hall. To be honest I'd rather that extra hour in bed, so that's what I did. And soon enough my skin got better, I stopped once again thinking I looked bad and starting actually enjoy seeing my slightly red flushed face in the reflection.

I realised that people leave, and don't come back:
2016 sadly hasn't been all good. People have left in 2016, people who I thought meant a lot to me don't seem very impactful on my life anymore. It's something which has taken me a very long time to get my head around. Not only did I never want people to leave me, I wouldn't let them. I would literally do everything in my power to make them stay even if it meant I got hurt more and more in the process. But that just wasn't the case with 2016 Alice. I picked myself up from the previous years and rather than feeling sorry for the people who didn't want to be around me any more or stopped making an effort false stop, I simple let them. I wasn't gonna let myself be taken down by people ho didn't care about me any more. If they weren't going to care then I wasn't going to try and make them.

Just as people leave, people come back into your life: 
I can say that this year has been the best year for people in my life that mean things too me. I have gained friends that I thought I might have lost and now we are stronger than ever because of that 'little time apart' shall we say. I have noticed that even though I may have lost some people I have gained back in from what walked out in the best way possible. The thing is these people know who they are, they know exactly what I mean about a 'rekindled' friendship and all that I've gained from having them back in my life. Because as cheesy as it sounds, having great people in your life matters and makes your life greater.

Moving out was way more fun than I had expected:
This year I moved to uni, and even though not a full time thing e me still coming home for holidays and visits etc I still packed up a car and drove 154 miles to Nottingham to life there for the next 4 years. Something which even though I like to make out was 100 cool, really I was crapping myself at the thought of having to life with 7 complete strangers and being forced to make friends with them. Hence why now I know I have friends for life I have no bloody idea what I was really worried about in the first place. I mean I could literally eat cake for dinner every night if I wanted to. (Mum just so you know I do not and actually couldn't think of anything worse, but you get the point I am trying to make.)

Turning 20 made me realise I don't need to grow up:
So this year I left my teenage years, and as I like to say I am in fact twenteen, and will continue to be a teenager until I feel I no longer wish to be. But I also understood that I could act however I wanted. I do not need to suddenly start being 'mature' or boring and I most certainly do not have to give up anything I was doing before because now I am considered Older. If I'm being honest I do not feel any different to what I did the week before I had my birthday so then I'm taking that as a sign that I am 1. either already old and boring or I am in fact not actually ever going to get there. (I'm hoping for the latter.)

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