The Nineteen Seventy Five

There is music like the bands you like to listen to then there is music in the form of everything about it makes you feel wonderful. This is The 1975, *insert cheesy line here* they really are more then music. Everything about this band makes me feel good about myself, and whatever might be going on in my life at that moment. I have been to see this band 8 times, I have seen them in small venues, at festivals and in big arenas and everytime I do there is something perfect about them. I know this sounds like a cheesy fangirl moment but it is, well okay it is but you get what I mean. Basically if I had any inch of talent in the musical world then I would aim to even achieve 50% of what this band mean to me. 

I mean I'm not gonna lie when I first heard The 1975 it was on radio 1 and they played 'Chocolate' and I hated it. It sounds like a typical bouncy pop song, and please be aware that in this moment in my life I was trying so hard to be 'indie' and 'alternative, so unless the band was singing about some deep emotional problem then I just wasn't interested. But then I stopped being an idiot and realised I would love them anyway and from then on well this kinda love just grew. 

The best way to describe seeing this band is 'kitchen music' you know the music you put on in your kitchen or bedroom and all you do is dance, well this is what I do everytime I see them. I have been twice with one of the best people I know, Sophia.... now if you wanna see a band that you love and you want to dance; then find a friend like Sophia and then go and see them. I do not care about if anyone thinks I am a good or bad dancer or if I annoy anyone with my killer dance moves and they move out my way, cause you know that's just more dance space for me. 

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