2017 The Year I Get My Mojo Back

Walking around 15 year old Alice with crippling anxiety about her weight, hair and what other people thought. Flash forward 5 years and 20 year old Alice is full of sass and couldn't care what other people think of her. Yes everyone has their bad days and still I hate it if someone says something about what I'm wearing or gives me a funny look, but the difference being now is that it doesn't effect me in the same way it use to.
I've been wearing a lot of high waisted pants lately, and tops that stop at the waist band, you know the type that hug you in at the waist and make you feel good about yourself, maybe that has something to do with how great I feel and the fact that I keep looking at my bum in the mirrors at work. Is it okay to admit yes, does it make it okay that I feel good about myself now. I've been thinking a lot about what my life is going to bring, I became year ripe old years of age in 2016 and started my final strand of education towards my future. So where do I want to be.
I had a rather funny conversation the other day wth my friend about her 10 year plan, I've never been one for making plans, I mean I can't even plan dinner and drinks let alone the year 10 years of my life. But soon enough once all 10 fingers were held up and we started going through a 2 year engagement, then a 3 year relationship then moving house and a career the wasn't enough fingers on both my hands to have enough for everything that was needed and wanted, so it got me thinking of my own plan, or more ideas to what I wanted to do and where I want to be in the (not so near) future.

Sometimes I think that I forget I'm an adult, I'm half way to 40, that isn't to say that I know I need to be 100% mature, because to be quite sure I don't think I ever will be fully serious but still I think maybe I should think of my life.... It's a good time now isn't it??

I don't like doing resolutions cause I always think they're gonna be along the lines of exercise more, eat better and find love. So maybe I'll just set a little list of things I'd like to do and then see if I can make them. That sound about right? Fair? 

-Travel More:
One of the main things I want to do in 2016 is travel more currently I am sat on my laptop and my phone to see when my holidays come around and searching for cheap flights and okay hostels in order to be able to see more. I have so many places I wanna see and so many places I want to see more of even if it's on my own or with friends. This is the top thing on my 'resolutions' as it is something which had come around a lot more in the last year. 2016 really had an impact on me, and something of that was no actually leaving the country, I'm craving plane journeys, travel and decent hostel. But mainly I wanna get more film developed on my camera. For cute pictures and stuff. You know what I mean. 

-Read More:
This is something that I have really let slide within 2016, I just found the time, well that's what I like to say what I really mean is I never made the time, I need to tell myself to go to bed earlier and at least half and hour a night make myself read one the many books I have stacked on my shelf at uni and at home. I'm hoping this will help me in the long run, find my love of reading again, it isn't something that I've lost but it is something that has not been very high on my mind as of late. 

-Stop Buying Clothes You Don't Need:
I like to use the excuse of reinventing myself, when really it's endless hours sat on ASOS or Topshop apps adding things to my basket and telling myself I NEED THEM RATHER THAN WANT THEM. I like to think it's a problem when really it's just little self control, something that I know I will be able to change this year. But also something I want to change, if I want to do all I want with traveling and seeing different things then I need to be able to not have wasted money another yet another pair of pleated trousers.... so here's to only buying clothes that I know I'll love and need more then anything else. (Defo the hardest one yet!) 

Here's to 2017, lets make it full of dance moves, Champagne and good old laughs. 

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