Every Thought A Girl That Wears Multiple Sizes Has While In The Changing Room

Many a times I have walked into as many high street stores as you can think of, grabbed the items I like in the sizes that I know I will need, taken myself into the fitting room and been sadly disappointed because the so called size hasn't fit as I know it should. I in most shops I know I'll be a size 14, but with being 5ft 10, short legs, no boobs a big bum, small waist and flabby tummy my body doesn't exactly fit the shape of the cutting patterns of most high street stores, so you could say I find it pretty hard to find things that fit perfectly. I will range from a 12-16 which means 80% of the time I will go over the 6 max items in the so called changing room, and as you can imagine my trying on process is a long winded one.  I know that I have been guilty for each of these thoughts running through my mind every time something I think would be ideal just doesn't do me any justice!

Wait, what, did I pick up the wrong size?

How have I gone up 2 dress sizes in 2 days? Thats a dress size a day!

But I just brought something in that size in the other shop, how have I gained weight in 10 minuets? oh my god it was those crips I ate?

This label must be wrong!

What if this is what they meant by growing old, my hips are getting ready for a baby!

Okay funny one who switched the hangers?

*Triple checks the size label*

If I stand really still and don't bend over or put my arms any higher than this, then maybe I could wear it?

It's okay I'll wear it as a crop top, they're in now aren't they? 

How does this make any sense it's just a change of colour?

Maybe I'm just having an off day

Maybe I'm just having an off week

That's okay! Didn't like it anyway

I'm bloated from dinner, it'll be fine if I just don't eat 

*Breathes in.... breathes out*

On the other hand....

Yaasssss!! I've gone done a dress size!

Yes look, I wonder how many inches I've lost?

But then I might be loosing my bum 

*Checks bum in mirror*

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