Please Don't Call Me Lonely

I feel that there has become this misconception behind the word lonely. You know that good phrase "I'm alone, I'm not lonely." Well suddenly I feel I should start wearing that on a T-shirt in order for people to understand what I'm feeling. Growing up I didn't think it was a very big think, I didn't care that my friends were in relationships and I wasn't, it just didn't bother me, and I mean it still doesn't but maybe it does more than I think. I mean I'm 20 now, should I start thinking about why I'm alone. (And alone in the relationship sense of the world, every other phrasing I couldn't be further from the word.) And I've had conversations with friends, and people my age and older all to understand does this make me weird that I'm not bothered. Is there something wrong with me no scrolling through people in order to find someone to take me out of this abyss.

Okay so I wouldn't say my vibe is the same and Drew here but still everyone single person would be lying if they didn't at least at one point in their life have this thought cross their mind, and well we all know this isn't going to be the case, but when I'm sat at home eating a whole tub of Pringles watching repeats of Sherlock one can't help but give it a little too much thought. I hate to go into the old age idea that women need a man or a man needs a women to be happy, because 1. I'm too tired for that shit and 2. I'm bottling that all up for a sassy post to come very soon. So why do people still think the reason i get up set or sad is because I'm 100% single, you know sometimes it's just me getting upset over other stuff, yes the walking the world alone reason is there 0.2% of the time but IT IS NOT THE SOLE REASON! In fact that isn't something that I believe at all, it's more of the only universe controlled thing I will ever say and that simply being, if it's meant to be then it shall be. (I know roll your eyes at me. Sigh if you must.) But seriously you can never force anything I don't believe and well who you end up with is another one of those things. 

I have seen friends and family fall out of love and back into love again, I've had feelings that have gone somewhere and feelings that haven't. The hard truth is not everything or everyone leads someone or something but yet again it doesn't make me lonely or sad, of course you catch feelings and things get in the way and sometimes it sucks. It know when those feelings creep up on you and hit you in the back without a word or warning. But life......

I was thinking the other day about when I yet off too New York that I wanted to walk around on my own for a bit, be brave get into another city that I've wanted to go for years and just do some stuff on my own and explore. So I also thought about other things that I want to do by myself, things that I have done one my own and feel better for doing so...

- Go Somewhere Without A Plan
This one is hard for a control freak like me, my days are planned minuet by minuet, so waking up getting ready and leaving without a plan of to where I am going was kinda a big deal, in my head I had these images of me getting on the wrong train and ending up on the Eurostar to Paris! Of course that didn't happen, but what I did discover is that a travel card up London is a lot of bloody money but also that yo can get so much done when you just go wherever yo want whenever you want. You ask yourself and only that 1 persons opinions matters and just go where you want. Either walk around with any idea and just see what you find, google cool places to go or simple when you recognise a name or place stop get off and see what you find, see if that place really is worth. Going places on your own lets you see what you want at your own speed and the best thing yet, you can stay out as early as you want and theres nothing to worry about. 

-Go To A Gig/Music Show By Yourself
This is something I have only experienced at a festival when I saw The 1975 on my own while everyone else watch DJ EZ, so it isn't quite the same I guess but it is still something that you should 100% totally do. I don't really know why it is such a good thing to experience? Like of course you cans see whoever you want no matter if you are the only person to even like them and clearly your dance moves will be killer as it'll be like you're just in the kitchen with them. (A kitchen full of hundreds of other people but kitchen dancing all the same!) But you just need to trust me. Go to a gig by yourself. 

Do Stuff With Your Friends
Right so this one isn't for us single people but more for the people who are in the relationships. Please remember to do stuff on your own with just your friends, yes double dates are wonderful and cute and you make us single people sad cause we can't do cool things like that but you need to be sure to still do friend things, cause you know if sadly this relationship thing doesn't go to plan then your friends will be the people that are left there for you. Take some time to make sure that every once in a while the things you do with your friends are the things you make time for. It isn't a bug ask, just a thing to remember to do. 

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