Okay so I'm a reader, I won't lie I have found it hard between working all the hours go sends, uni work, Christmas, seeing friends and family and some general me time, reading has been quite far down the list of priorities, and I can't tell you the last time I finished a book. I can tell you when I last started one as I currently have about 4 or maybe it's 5 on the go. All o which is yes equally good but then something happens or I get busy and suddenly a new book is started and the old one is left and forgotten about like last nights dinner. But not anymore. Something I am making myself do in this new fine year, will be to read more. And not only read more geeky sci-fi books about supernatural powers or space ships but to read more poetry. The amount of times I see a post on that trusty old site Tumblr of and indie poem, signed 'Anonymous' and I get split between opinions; 1. I'm annoyed its anonymous so I can't google any more and 2 I just brush it over and think about where I can get it tattooed on my body. When what I should be doing is reading more. Going out and buying their book, following them on Instagram and just taking in all I can from them. Then go to my local tattoo shop and see where best a 15 poem would sit on my chubby frame. But that's besides the point. The point is I need to take in more poetry. 

There is something about finding a wonderful poet that you can't find any faults in their work. Something I learnt very recently when my flat mate let me know about her favourite poem. '93 Percent Stardust'
I won't lie because to be fair I am rather limited in culture, I know it's bad and I should get out more and see more art and this is the exact reason why I am writing this and looking further than Tumblr to find inspiration. Because I want to be cultured. I want to understand more things, Just like this poem. It isn't Shakespeare and it certainly is Dickens but their is something about it. Maybe it's the old soppy romantic very high on the surface or maybe it's just really bloody liking space but either way Nikita Gill knows how to pull, tug and cut out your heart strings; in no less than 4 lines. Thats the thing about poetry it isn't even long, it doesn't leave you hooked for hours, reading chapter after chapter with cliff hangers, red herrings and character development for days. You are more than likely to be over and done with the writing in about 3 minuets. But at the same time I wish I could read the same poem for more than an hour that is the beauty of it. Poems let you take it in there and then, you can think about it in depth; you know the way they make you do it at GCSE or you can take it there and then for what you want it to be. Is this about love or drugs or sex. Does she really still love them or is she just hiding it behind alcohol and self loathing. Any of these ideas could come in handy when thinking of poems. I like to read it there and then and see if it has any effect at all on myself. And I can say with a clear head that all these poems and poets, even of only know for a couple of hours, I have been over and over their poems and still will go back and re-read the same ones again and again to feel the same way I did the first time.    

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