Why You Should At Least Consider Moving Away For Uni

I never thought I would enjoy moving away from my home comforts, aka my mum and I never thought I could go longer than a week away from my dogs. But I've some how been able to do it. On the 23rd of September 2016 I moved to Nottingham. (In literal Terms I moved to University but still I'm away for 2/3 of the year so I'm Taking that.)
Something I had had hoped for but never expected was loving living on my own, as much as I had. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared beyond belief about moving in with 8 strangers for the next year, with nothing but a bedroom door separating us all. Not that, that seems to stop the privacy, there seems to be a an open door policy of one knock and then just enter within my flat of 8, but you know I can't moan I love them all really.

When I decided I was going to go to Nottingham I started to think How I was going to become an adult; how was I going to start doing my own shopping, understand the washing instructions on clothes, budget all my money and also find the motivation to be sure that I get up and really go to get my education, but some how I seem to have been able to have done it.
Clearly one of the biggest things that I would say is the best thing about moving away and living with new fellow students is making new friends, no matter how corny it sounds I have only known them 3 weeks but it feel more like 3 years, and yes living in each others pockets day in day out has had a huge impact on why we get on so well. But out of all the reasons why I would say you should move is the people, the people you meet will make everything better, they make uni, social and everyday life 10x more enjoyable. I couldn't imagine having near enough the same experience commuting or living at home.

As well as making friends and meeting new people, University does the one thing it promises to do. It makes you grow up. I feel that in the last couple of months I have grown up a considerable amount. Not  just in small ways such as doing my own washing and buying fruit and veg, but just simply in the way that life makes you grow up. It's something that I thought would be the scariest thing in the world but has become one of the best things in the last 3 months. I like to make the joke that when I turnt 19 I aged 40 years, but really in the last 3 months even before I became the big 2 0 I felt that Uni had made me more me. I wouldn't say mature or grown up, I feel that would be pushing it a bit but defiantly becoming more of the person I feel I should be.

Living in halls with 8 people who I had never met before has made me grow up, learn how to do washing and also understand that I still can't cook and aubergine (let alone spell it without using google to do so.) I have been about to go to clubs, bars, pubs and even simply Tesco's to make memories. Everything that we do literally creates new memories and is the best moment for a snap chat or photo.

If you can even if it's something which scares the hell out of you, move into uni, meet new people and make one of the best choices you ever will.

Love You Always Flat 11 

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