20 Valentines Down

I googled 'The history of Valentines day' saw some information about some old guy from thousands of years ago and decided that it still wasn't for me, I mean I never really like history anyway. But then I also thought does that make me one of those people who walk around throwing 'I hate Valentines day' parties cause that isn't what I need to be doing! I have way too much to be doing let alone trying to find the time to throw a party about something that to mean really is just like any other day. I mean it's been 20 long years of no Valentine so why now would I be upset?

Maybe cause all my friends are getting into relationships, meeting people, having babies or getting engaged. I mean that isn't happening but sometimes I like to over exaggerate to makeself feel worse, or just give myself a reason to actually feel bad. But though like seriously I swear everytime I open my Facebook feed theres a new baby scan a new diamond or a new set of house keys; all the while I'm going to Harry potter themed tours with my mum and step dad cause my sister and her long term boyfriend are too busy with work. Like seriously I'm surrounding by couples, people with feelings I mean where my single.... so single it hurts girls at?????
I need my best friend she gets this shit.

*As this is being written Adele blasts out of my laptop and my heart scream for attention* 
I like to think that is I was able to sing, hold a tune, write a song or have any musical talent with my voice at all then I might be that sort of broken in love artist. But then it would just be a moody album about why I can't find my perfect many in a travel book store, in detention or outside my window with a boom box. As well as stop basing my love life of Romantic Hugh Grant comedies  and John Cusack films, that might be the biggest thing that I'm making the mistake off. Do you think that could have something to do with it? 

The above GIF was saved as 'alone' so I think maybe that tells you a lot about my outlook on love, I want to be a better version of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill when really I'm a sadder, drunk version of Bridget Jones. I hide the 'alone' on Valentines day part under sassy single comments and jokes. But like I'm totally fine just don't expect to answer "so then why are you single for another year?" because I will not answer and will throw my equivalent of an ice cream tub at your face. Yeah you heard me I hate ice cream. 

Being totally fine and not bothered about Valentines day doesn't mean that theres like this small, very small part of you; being 20 and turning 21 this year that doesn't want another single V day. But then also there is the massive 99.9% section that it is just another day and sees it more as my best friends birthday rather then a day to say a big thank you to the person who you love. (Or don't love in my case... and doesn't love me as I'm forever alone, you know the subject I have spoke about so many time; No biggy though.) I'm hoping that I channel the latest Bridget and just continue to do what I want to with Love being just a little added edition to it and not the whole thing, one day isn't taking over everything and to be fair it shouldn't really anyway. 

Single Ladies HOOLLLAAAAA <3 

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