Clean Room, Clean Head

I can see it now, my flatmates laughing at the title, "Alice's room is never tidy" "Well no it's only tidy for like 2 days and then the clothes start piling up!"
But now everything is going to change. It's taken me 5 months of living at Uni, with 8 other people, many many spring cleans and rubbish bags full of crap to sort my room out and finally get it to the level I think it needs to be to help me stay tidy myself and happy with it.
So no matter how many bets they make about the length of time it will stay clean I think they're all gonna loose.
(Well I'm hoping so anyway.)

I am a very self proud and obvious lazy bedroom person. I am not lazy or messy in any other rooms or places throughout my flat or my house, but for some reason, it gets channelled into my bedroom. My bedroom gets the blame for everything that seems to want to be left or thrown in my life. More specifically my bedroom floor gets the blame and more poor old washing basket too.
Something that I have decided to take into this new year (even though we are already 1 month into it) is to keep everything in my life tidy, everything, from my room to my bag to my wardrobe. One step at a time to help me stay clean in my life and in my head. When my room gets messy I start thinking about things in a messy way and that does nothing for me getting things done. It makes things harder.

I literally am the best person at making lists I mean I will make lists for the lists that I need to write. I'm thinking all you need is to be able to do is stay on top of it, stay on top of the washing and the dirty things that get in the way and just make sure that you buy enough bleach to clean surfaces, enough dusters and enough little boxes to put things in, in order to keep it all in one place or at least hide it out of the way. 

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