I had The Worst Period Of My Life And It Sucked

Okay so I'm a girl and us girls don't seem to talk about girls stuff that much I've found, but I have found that when I do talk about it, it kinda opens the flood gates and everything that has been brewing comes right up the the surface. So this is that conversation. This is me opening the flood gates.
Forever since I can remember I have been regular as clock work, ever since the small young Alice that cried on the toilet in a hotel in Turkey and had her sister show her what tampons do in the form of a glass of water I like to think I've come a long way in understanding my body and how it works. Every month between the same 3 days and lasting for no longer then 3 days. But this month wasn't the same. This month I died. (Not in the literally sense of the word, but every female who has ever had a bad period will know exactly what I mean when I say I died.)

9 days... 9 days... for someone who went from 3 days every month at the same time to 9 days and a week early, surprised is literally an understatement. I have always prided myself  on that one thing that I don't have wrong or is always the same, is my periods. I don't know how much I can pride myself in that as I don't know how much credit I can take as a hole but I'll take any skill I can get these days.  So I am sure you can imagine that by day 9 it was all or nothing. It wasn't bad or a painful just annoying and kinda got in the way. It's always on your mind and it's always there like what if anything happens, like being stuck in the middle of TESCO without a pad or running out. Or the weirdest thing that has never happened to me before but having a day when you think it's all over and then bam... back again, like it never even bloody left. I mean what ever is that. How does that even happen???

I'm sat by a very big double bay window with uni students walking past. Something tells me this GIF is the reason they keep looking in. That or last nights hair is really drawing attention. 

It's a funny thing when yo talk about periods. I have lived with my flat for nearly 6 months. At the start we soon realised we all kinda went in a flow. (Pardon the pun.) But there was an order to each of us and that worked. So you know we joked about mood swings and cramps and the guys having literally a week of every month where at least one of us would be on at one time. I kinda feel bad that I'm messed that cycle up. It was cute. We had our place and it worked. Now yeah not so much.  But I mean literally we say we have stomach pains and where before it was "is it your..??" now it's just oh Alice is on her period. And left at that, chilled and not made a big thing of. I'm just happy that I don't make a big deal out of it cause as much as I wanted it to end in those 9 days I'm sure my flat would have wanted it to end even more if I'd screamed it from the rooftops.

Is it just me or am I the only one? 
Thoughts I have while on my period:
- Tampon, check, pad check, hot water bottle, check, spare knickers, check
- Okay so if I start today and given my normal time should I be off in time for that event
- Ah crap I'm gonna be on for that event
- Ah cute we've both synced up together
- I neeeeed to make a trip to boots
- Yay not pregnant
- Sometimes I wish I was a guy, like not all the time but I just wish I didn't have to have this
- I wish guys knew how bad this is
- Why don't guys have periods
- Another box of tampons
- I swear all my money goes on tampons, pads and new knickers
- If I come through I hope someone would tell me nicely
- If I ever leak in public I'll crawl into a hole and die
- Gotta wear black just in case
- White is totally out the question

Us ladies need to stick together in this once a month time of need. 

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