Please Stop Your Kitten Heels From Walking Out Of Your Closet

Okay so you know what I've accepted trends coming back, you know I love me a good chocker, I love glitter, I'm willing to style the odd bunchy every now and again, but there is a line I draw with bringing somethings back out the dusty wardrobe. Please keep your year 2000 kitten heels locked away. No in fact why do you still have them. They even deserved a place there next to that dress in the first place, so please, please don't try and bring them back. Imagine your in mean girls and people keep trying to make 'fetch' happen, fetch isn't going to happen and neither should it. Well kitten heels are out fetch. They shouldn't happen and should never even be brought back.

Sometimes I just wonder if designers bring things out in a cycle,
"yeah, yeah Ralph, its been 17 years we need to reinstate the kitten heel. People are getting to high off the ground, it just can't carry on." 
I mean where does the point of them even come from, please don't be an in between gal, either wear heels or flats there really is no need for the little big in the middle. Trust me, people will silent be judging you. 

Basically no matter who you are you are aware that no one born after 1994 will never accept this as a thing, I mean Vogue even got back lash for it, I mean if even Vogue can't make a good shout about a trend then maybe it should, oh I don't know not be a trend in the first place. At this rate there will the return of velour tracksuits and the whole gold and blue dress debate will be back on your Facebook page. 

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