Why You Should Stay Spontaneous At Any Age

A walk that started off as a trip to Gregs in order to help our hangovers ended up with a 'quick' walk to a wind mill. Now that might sounds strange to some but I can assure you it is not the strangest thing that has happened in my time at uni and for sure was the normal thing to do on a Sunday when the alcohol memories were still clear and the memories themselves were still foggy. So why not walk 40 minuets in a direction we do not know to find a pretty landmark take a picture and walk back.
Spontaneity, that's why.
To be honest we didn't drag ourselves out of bed still around 2 and then all we really wanted was a cheese and onion pasty, a sausage roll and a steak bake. Us students are not that hard to please. Like serious we're not. There is some logic behind choosing the windmill as our select location. We had wanted to go for a long time and had seen some very pretty photos in such a place, and being the art geek that I and the massive landscape enthusiast that my other flatmate has become then there seemed like no better time, why not go here rather then sitting at home and just doing nothing, lets go and see more of the city we live in, and not to sound cheesy but lets go make memories. *Start gag reel of memories made by the windmill*

Okay so in my Carrie Bradshaw brain, being spontaneous things means cocktails at last minuet in NYC, and meeting my Mr Big from across the bar, but my Carrie Bradshaw spans to just the curly hair, my NYC is a small english Town called Nottingham, my cocktail is a pasty and well the Mr Big just doesn't exist. So a walk to a windmill and the memories of playing around in a kids park has to do.
See when I saw has to do, what I really mean is that they're better, its like the silly little things that on paper sounds rubbish and something you wouldn't think would be good turns out to be the best part of your week. I mean I walked there in my PJ's last nights makeup and hair and no underwear, so it wasn't planned. But the memories will last, which when you think about it is a lot more then the fear of going to Gregs without a bra on, if I had put a bra on that would have been the weirdest thing about that day. 



It's quite a big thing to say and quite big thing to overcome but the more you go out without plans and the more you get to see you start thing thing where you just kinda do whatever the hell you want to and in turn the thoughts of other people stop effecting you. I mean I did not care that I had last nights trousers on, my PJ top no make up and messy hair. I was more concerned about not getting lost and that didn't bother me at all. I stopped giving a fuck, I stopped caring. It's good to know that the thing you care most about is what you're doing right then and there rather then if you remembered to contour and highlight. 

Okay so this is stating the obvious, sorry for acting like you're stupid. But if everything was planned and organised by the minuet of the day and meet up point then quite frankly it just wouldn't happen. You wouldn't see half of what you wanted to. Due to not planning anything, I have managed to see the Nottingham windmill, London bridge at 3 in the morning, London in general at 3 in the morning, many places in NYC, found some of the best bars in London, met great people and used up endless amounts of film on my old £2.50 camera. So it's safe to say I am a big fan of not organising. (But that is not to say that I am not the biggest list freak and time keeper alive. I need to find a good balance between the both. Every spontaneous act is counter balanced by a well organised trip somewhere thought through and planned.) 

There is something about moving around and not really knowing where you are going. I mean of course don't jump on Dodgey trains or walk down scary alleyways but there is such more of a sense of adventure when you don't know where you're going, and you get to find things that you would not have seen before. Like seriously it is really fun. You should defo try it sometime. 

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