Why You Should You Get Po(lit)ical

I've seen a lot going around at the minuet and to be frank it sucks, everything last year was kinda crap, this year didn't start of to the best start and still things to be going okay, but I wouldn't use a word which is really connected to anything that amazing. I mean there's a wotsit in the Whitehouse and that breaks my heart and I'm not even American. So why so I can so much. I mean what do we have so far and what exactly is it? I just googled Obama to see what the first result was and he just learnt to Kitesurf while on holiday with Richard Branson, this by the way makes me happy..... this doesn't:

I mean the president of the USA is on Twitter more then most of the bloggers I follow, so I think there is something worrying there and I mean him going on twitter rants really is the smallest worrying thing about him; well you know other then his hands. 
But why am I, a British person worrying so much about someone and a country that are 200,000 miles away.  In short terms you kinda must be. 
The long term is coming from whatever area of politics you are talking about. Okay lets say British politics, the general election; what you need to know? 

- Every 4 years 
- Main parties involved: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, UKIP
- Current Prime Minister: Theresa May took over after David Cameron Resigned 
- Borris Johnson Is the dickhead which the stupid blonde hair, you know the one that looks like a Little Britain character

I am in no way holding up my hands and telling you that I am a politics student and that I know more then the average person, if I'm being honest I will probably know less but still this is where I am, trying to let you know why you need to get involved in Politics as much as you can and not post GIFs about Star Wars as if their way of life is anything the same as ours. You never know Trump just not wear the mask and become his very own Darth Vader. Fingers crossed he stays away from that. Ivanka never let your dad watch Star Wars!

One of the biggest things I always say about politics is statistics. You need to register and vote just to let them know where you are. Let the upper class white men and women know that students on loans, low income and aged 18-23 care about student loans and the environment, let them know that teaching the arts is important and let them know that even you in this case or a number in a big pile of other numbers the exact the same as you and we care about what your policies are and we want you to start aiming your policies at us and for you to care about what we want. Is that too much to ask?

I want them to know:
That I am a 2 year old female university student from a middle class low income family, single parent upbringing for the last 7 years who just happens to give a shit about education and the environment.

That is my number, that is the statistic that I am showing, and that is why I registered to vote and why everyone should to. My party didn't win, there person I want to live in Downing Street isn't there but least my numbers are in the pot and well I wish that means that at the next election they will am some policies at me and us young people for you know we're kind important and things should really be getting aimed at us. Just saying. 

I am British, I know a small mount about British politics, so I can say that I am for sure not the best person to tell you about the land across the pond, I don't know all that much about the way it works, only that most people thing it's stupid, Trump shouldn't have one and that Hilary is a badass. That's the short of it. But I do try and keep up with as much as I can that is going on. I wanna be able to know as much as I can just to be able to keep myself up to date with some of the biggest stuff that is going on in the world right now.  
I mean all you have to do is Google 'Trump' and sure enough something will come up telling you about what he has done, what he hasn't and what he has already gotten rid of, so you know there isn't really an excuse for not doing what you can to keep up with the Wotsit. 

I'm not to sure though maybe I'm bias and maybe I'm talking rubbish? 
 But everything effects you, know matter if you live down the road from number 10 or across the pond in the USA, people my age are the new generation, we are the people growing up and going from 20to 24 a lot will happen, so I wanna know who is gonna be involved in any future I might have. In those 4 years I will have graduated, hopefully started a Masters, fingers crossed still not be single and might have moved out to anywhere, so why would I not care about where that is going? Why wouldn't I read all I can in order to keep up to date. I mean it hasn't even been a month and so much has gone on. Just think after 4 years..... in fact I don't really wanna think that much about it; that's a little bit too scary if I'm honest. 

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