Dear Mum

So even though today is especially targeted at you and of course I would have loved to be there but you know I'm 150 miles away trying to get myself some kinda of education so you had to do with the flower, balloon and the card. Hope you liked them, I know you're basically Alan Titchmarsh so I'm sure you'll keep them still the petals fall on the floor and keep one or two to press in some massive book I'm not to sure you've actually read, but look really pretty up on the book case in the lounge. I know that sometimes I can be a rude, and moan at how much you ask if I'm okay but you also know that if you ever stopped asking if I was alright then I might just die. I know you worry about looking old, and you think you don't look nice when yo go out and you think people will stare if you wear bright pink velvet shoes, but really have you seen me, if you wear bright pink shoes then I'll wear a bright pink jacket and people can stare as they know they will never be as cool as we are. Like seriously we look so coo when we go out.
(But no matter how much I would never admit it to your face I hope I am a fraction s cool as you are when I'm older.) Like seriously if I turn out to be half of the 5ft1' you are today then I'll happily continue living forever. Just like you are by the way. There's no way I'm letting you get away from me.

You haven't had an easy life, it's kinda of a running joke between us all that we have the worst gene pool going, some questionable members of the family and enough personal drama and loss to literally keep a tv showing going for 7 seasons. But you have never let if break you, yes like us all you've had down moments and quiet moments and moments when all that would fix it would be to eat the 3 packets of flying saucers you think you're 'hiding' under the sink, never once have you made me or desma feel anything but beyond special in your eyes. Even if we do have to bend down in order to be in your eye lines. There is nothing you can't handle and nothing you wouldn't take on after a cup of tea and maybe a little nap.

Reasons Why I Love You:

1.The way you insist you are not asleep even though you've been snoring for 15 mins, split your tea down your top and your eyes are 100% closed. I've known you for 20 years and I don't think you have ever admitted you've fallen asleep in the sofa, it's always "I wasn't sleeping."

2. The way you find me hilarious, I mean yo are my biggest fan when it comes to any witty comment I might say, it could be anything from something that should have stayed in my head or something that is slightly offencive no on else would find funny 

3. Our cinema trips which are so important to you, it's only been a new thing for the past year, but they mean so much to us both, we'll drive down and back at the back were the boy racers stay because it isn't worth driving around for half and hour when there are perfectly good spaces at the back." I'm sorry mum but the reason there is spaces at the back is because thats where the drug dealers, boy racers and doggers go. So next time a bit near the from please next time. 

4. That you have and always will support me in everything I choose to do. Ever since I've moved on from wanting to be a vet, police officer, teachers, psychologist and now a journalist you have been there all the way behind me doing everything you can to help me get where I want to be. Literally you were there buying me reeds for my clarinet, cheering me on at swimming and standing outside in the freezing cold for football. So I hope for once you read this as at the end of the day this is all for you. 

5. The way you have never let anything break you, I know I've said it before and I'll keep saying it but you just on your own have been through some major shit, and you have come out the other side red haired, funny and stronger because of it. I couldn't think of any one else who cold have had what you have had an not let it break them. You really are coming out the side of every battle better and stronger; I'd like to say taller but we all know that ship has sailed. 

Please don't ever stop being you, you wonderful glass of sass! 
Love you always Your daughter 

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