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Hello, I'm Alice and I'm a fashion student ..........

*Slow round of applause*
*Awkward stares*

I have been a fashion student for nearly 2 years and it was the best and worst choice I have ever made. Why is it the best? Lets get the good out the way first, nothing was ever successful that started out bad. So this is why it's good. It is something that I love, this is what my passion is this is the path way that I can see my self in and the one that I aiming for, so you know it only makes sense for me to like it, enjoy it and kinda not get bored when I talk about it.
I never thought I would be a fashion student with the idea of making clothes, I wasn't kidding myself when my stick men drawings never went past sticks and I knew that I didn't have the patience for clawing my way to the top of something that would rely on me threading a needle, so I took then next best route. The route that I was brought to by blogging in fact. The way we promote, market and communicate fashion to people.
I like writing and talking about things I mean god I could talk for England so the course as a whole has been a good one. I've only been at University for 6 months but already I analyse every advertisement, promo video, new collection and article based around any of the 400 hundreds websites, channels and people I am subscribed to, everything I read and even look at within shop windows goes into my brain and gets thought over, I mean really I try and make it stop but it just doesn't happen and thats when I need my fellow creative people around so I can splurge on them and grab their opinions about that newest add or ask them how they like that new collection, or maybe when the time comes and I have no one around to talk about it. Maybe that'll be the day that I develop a tick in my right eye.

One of the best and biggest things to change so much in my mind since coming to uni has been understanding that there is more to fashion then just clothes, bloggers and youtube. I mean literally everything goes into making it popular, the new trend or just get noticed by a small amount of people. Having a insight to how, to put it blankly, how literally everything in the fashion world is done is kinda cool. Yes I wish sometimes it was a little bit more focused but it's satisfying my creative side so I'm happy with that.

Suddenly every poster/advertisement is being judged -
Okay so I don't go out of my way to make a habit of staring at a poster and then standing around, googling it once I'm back seeing if I can find it in the new magazine I just brought but like I just kinda like looking at it now and seeing what I can take influence from, I mean is that weird, please other fashion students please let me know I'm not the only one. I seem to find myself getting happy over looking at every detail in everything from perfume, to clothes to shoes, like serious I need to try and get through the day without judging every detail around me.

I've found myself reading articles on things that I never would thing would help -
Okay so the other day I decided I would expand more of what I'm reading, I use to be a massive book worm but now all I seem to read is my Facebook and instagram feed so I've given myself a late start to the new year new me section. I'm gonna read some articles and get my head out there more.
15 pages later I'm half way through an article from GQ about aftershave and why it's on the rise in sales. I read this in hope that I would be able to find something worth my while in research, sadly I came out with it with one quote and half a sentence that if changed enough in my own words I might be able to use in one of my reports. I'm trying to over look how pointless it was and trying to stay motivated and read some more but at the moment it doesn't seem to be going very well. Fingers crossed I find some better things to read about now.

All my money is going on arts and crafts -
I had a very brief moment of scrapping, or should I say attempting to scrap book back in 2014, it didn't work out and I kinda hated it ever since. That opinion has changed, partly through choice and partly through force. When scrapbooking is 30% of your grade you have to kinda make yourself love it. So that's what I did. I made myself love spending money on card, and washi tape, glue and beads in order to continue and pass this part of my course.
Third scrap book of the year in and I've stopped making it look nice and just added detail and left it at that, when you get told there's too much going on, I felt I should pull the rains in just a little, so no more glitter glue, beads or layered collages. Is my creativity dying?

I use to think I was good, now I just think I'm okay -
It wasn't that I was full of attitude and had me as the sights of the next Anna Wintour but I did use to think I was pretty creative, good at knowing what I was doing and in so way original, but I have soon learn that there are many other people out there who are just as creative if not way more creative then me on my course and here at uni all together. It was a very big and now I know much needed wake up call. I know there is more to being good then just thinking you are. You know you need to work for it. That's the difference between people who want to be good. We need to try bloody hard to get there.

Becoming a fashion student has helped me, made me want to leave and also made me know where I wanna go in life. It's a giant mixed bag if I'm honest.

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