I'm An Over Thinker

If there is something, anything you should know about me before you bring yourself into any part of my life.... I'm a guilty over thinker, I will over think until quite literally there is nothing left for m to think about apart from that one subject. It will send me very close to the edge and it's something I hate and something I have been working on for a while. 

The one thing that I must make clear is that if I over think it then it means that it meant something to me, it means it's important which is a good thing if you know it but a bloody pain in the arse if you don't cause you think I'm being an idiot. Basically that is how I feel about it myself. I hate it cause I know the whole over thinking to the point of craziness is a bad thins which in tern can sometimes make situations worse. Dear Alice why aren't you chill enough to just let things slide, let things pass over you like they don't matter. 
Oh yeah cause that would be the easy thing to do. And my brain doesn't do easy, in fact my brain does everything other then easy. 

See this is the thing, this isn't a post really for anything then this is my new thing, rather then over think it needs to leave my head and it'll be here or on the small chance I can be bothered it might get written down, but blog or writing this helps. 
Tip t any other major over thinkers or worriers out there, writing helps just as much as talking about it does. But sometimes talking makes things worse. Okay no worse isn't the right word but kinda strange, talking about things makes things serious and then as a result I over think that I've ruined things and then I think I've made things worse. You see what I'm getting at you see what I mean, My heads a mess when it comes to thinking just don't help and never do anything to complicated and never let me be moody while drunk cause I'll hate myself more in that situation. 

There is clearly the best main thing to do that helps with over thinking, talking about it. I mean the thing your worried about just talk about it, it sounds cheesy but take it from someone who knows, someone who has quite frankly lost sleep over thinking that once it's outside your head it's better. I mean it's a long and hard process to even get it out of your head and for you head and mouth to work together to sort it, but that's what helps the most and the right timing. Timing for me is when I can't think about it pretty any much more, before my brain to react like the GIF above. But everyone is different with over thinking. Everyone does it in different ways. Find your way and it'll work out I'm sure. 
Be sure you have a kinda idea how the person will react then it makes it easier. I said before that I worry the most when something means something to me, so I worry the most with my friends, and what happens and what shitty things I sometimes do, so I like to think that I know these people well enough to know how to approach the situation, that kinda helps, be chilled and talk, you think you'll sounds silly or stupid or even sound like you've been over thinking it all, which is true but unless you can talk to each other with power of your thoughts then all I can say is just talk about it, simple as, know why you're over think, and pour your heart, out. 
Cry ugly tears and from me to you you're not allowed to leave until everything is out of your head, the smallest until the biggest pour it all out and just feel that 100kg weight lifted off your shoulders. 

You're not being stupid, take it from one that knows!

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