Female Artists That Make Me Wanna Be Better

There's been a lot of stuff swimming around up in this head of mine lately and one of biggest things that just won't leave is the over bearing thought that I'm not creative enough. I remember I use to have this idea that I was super dooper creative and that I could do so much to do with photography and art, I always knew I couldn't draw but I hoped that I could channel it in other ways, you know?

I remember the years of when being able to put a new layer and clipping mask on photoshop was the best thing I could do, and I knew about 2 creative people. I would express everything into my clothes and poor my heart out through a s 95% of second hand clothing and each day would quite literally be a guess to see how many patterns I could pull off at one time. But now has my creativity peaked, am I falling back into the black hole of being average and doing nothing great in particular again?

Can I fast back to 2014 when I thought I was very and the ultimate definition of 'cool' and let myself down gently as I'm finding it hard to tell myself now that I might not be as different as I thought I was and really not that creative.

I've made a promise to myself to get my inspiration from so many different things, basically I'm gonna stop being lazy and just looking at Vogue and the things people post on Facebook, I want to be 10 tags deep in instagram to find the best people producing the best stuff right now. Cool Alice use to do this, so now boring Alice will do this even more.......


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