Knowing when to admit you're in the wrong

Let you ego deflate, hang your head low and admit you fucked up. That's the best advice I can give you. It's simple and easy but harder then you would think to do. It takes guts, sometimes wine and the ability to try harder next time and not do the thing that caused it all to go wrong in the first place.
I will be the first to admit that I can mess up on a major scale more then once in my life time, on a large part of those times I have embarrassed myself, or done something to only effect me and make me look stupid, but once every now and again I do things that fuck it up for other people. I know more then anyone how much of a bitch and nasty person I can be. Like everyone you will ask it is not a trait I will ever be proud of and not something I will or ever use to like to admit, but I'm getting into adult life now and I feel that knowing when I've done something wrong is the first step to waking the help up and stopping acting like a child.
There I said it.... I'm a horrible person that sometimes can treat people badly.

This of course is not something that I am or will ever be proud of, it's not like I can have it placed under the 'Skills' section of my CV just in case someone wants to higher an employee with a bad attitude. No this is something people don't talk about. It's a well known factor that us walking, talking humans don't like to 1. admit we're in the wrong and 2. let the world know that even the nicest person can have a bad day. And sometimes those bad days become bad nights, long night time walks and horrible to go through morning chats. But this is where the thing you fucked up the time before can hopefully fingers crosses get sorted out.

I won't recall the times I've messed up, to be honest it's one for privacy and the other because I kick myself everytime I think about them and then they'd set off the train of over thinking and that just wouldn't be okay right now.  But I will say this, when in a fight, or an argument or even just a one way shouting match, I would say try not and loose all your shit, hold it together try and be the bigger person; But...... just sometimes you're such the smaller person you think you're doing the right thing and you're so far from it you can't even see the right thing any more. I myself am a stupid smaller person. Thankfully the people I've been the smaller person to have been bloody giants and done the right thing. It can sometimes take what feels like years to be able to move on from something that at the time you felt was right but then you wake up in the morning, after 2 hours sleep waking up every 10 minuets paying every sinario round and round in your head, and for all the vodka to have gone to actually understand that what you did was stupid and if you could kick yourself then you totally would drop kick yourself in the face.  

Lets take this moment to thank all the people who are wise enough and good enough to take anyone back who was in the wrong to them. See that's the best thing you can do, admit you are in fact wrong, it takes something you might not have had to use before and you never know you might not have ever done it, pride can be a bitch and get in the way of so many things but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and move on from it. Bite that pride with all the power you should have bite your lip with and you rack your brains. I' sure you can find at least one time you should have let your ego float away. 

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