Movies perfect for a day in bed

I'm no stranger to spending a day in bed, there's a reason as to why I need to set 6 alarms all evenly spread out in order to get me up some mornings. When these days occur and I just want to watch something that will make me feel good if I can't beat the anxiety of trying out a new film that I haven't deeply researched through IMDB then I will always go back to these safe numbers. The films that give you the great feeling deep in your heart. I'm a student like I mean if there was someone who knew abut spending a day in bed, then well it's me. 

You find me a health Ledger film I didn't like, and I'll tell you that you're lying. I mean what more can you really want, I mean if the Romeo and Juliet remake involving babe Leo then this Shakespeare adaption is just as good, and if I dare say it, even better. You have a rock rebel bad boy who falls in love with the angry feminist. I mean of course if you get rid of the bullying, lies and deception then yes it's perfect. But I dare you to watch that poem scene and not have a tear leave your eye. 

On the out set a film about a guy who time travels down his own time line to win over the girl of his dreams is in retrospec everyones ideal chance of winning the best person in the room. And of course you have the ginger guy who played Rom Weasley's brother and the wonderful Bill Knightly paired with a film made in the ideal love romance of Richard Curtis and a Rom Com and to be honest there isn't a lot that could be better about this movie. 

For this number you need to remove the image of Jim Carrey as Dumber and Dumber and Even All Mighty from your head and suddenly he is a new person, I won't lie this is the only film that I really like him, and even though when you think of him you do not thing of a hopeless romantic for this part I have never seen better chemistry between castings. If it wasn't for me being very jealous of Kate Winslet's hair and not liking the idea of memory removal then I might watch it a bit more often. 

Okay al you hardcore Tim Burton fans put your hands up if this isn't what you was expecting, but keep it up if you loved it all the same *hand stays in the air* I think I stumbled upon this film back in the days when I was obsessed with eBay and buying everything from there, so 4 pages into the 'Customers who brought this also brought this' and this film later I've never cried at something so much while also not really understanding what the entire film was really about. 

Have you ever wanted a film to be so good after reading the book? Literally you just simply wished that they wouldn't ruin anything about it. Well this is what happened with this; I will be honest I am happy to over look the casting of Emma Watson for everything else works so wonderfully that literally watching it online on my laptop, I cried all the way through at just how perfect it was. 

Everything you could want in a real life telling of one of the best feel good stories to ever happen to two of the biggest communities within Britain. I'm just saying be prepared for tears of all kinds, happy, sad, confusion and anger. Because some of the best if not most random castings in a film ever this little number will have been watched by more people then you will think. 

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