My Top 5 Favourite Places

You know when you're young and you spin the globe around and then place your chubby finger on a random place and think you'll be able to suddenly go there. Well that's what I want to be able to do now. I want to be able to see more places, spin that globe and have my chubby fingers then book it and get on the plane and go. I mean that isn't too much to ask. I've been to a handful of places, the every family holiday places but some of the different places are just where I want to go as well as some of my already favourite place; holidays and not so holiday-ee. 

I had been imaging my time in NYC as every Carry Bradshaw moment ever in every episode of Sex and The City, now combine that with meeting a beautiful Irish Gerrard Butler from P.S I Love you and well that's the imagine I had inside my head. Of course that isn't how it went, I mean for real I wouldn't still be sat in my kitchen in Essex if that had gone to plan; all that put to one sad side and ti was still one of the best cities I have ever visited. I find myself forever sounding cheesy whenever I talk about my time in New York, I just think that all my emotion pours out at one time and tourist vomit occurs and suddenly everything begin to be talked about at once. 

I will choose cities over sunnies places everyday of the week, send me somewhere that has those ugly sky scrapers, an underground train system and street food and well basically you have the way to my heart already. One of the best places to go in London if you want good food, fashion and a cool atmosphere. The thing about shoreditch that makes it great is that it is also along side brick lane so if you want the best pasta you've ever had and vintage clothing then well this is your place. 
I know this is a post about travel and the places that I've been, and this isn't me talking about how much I love lectures or seminars, and maybe the title should say Nottingham rather then University, but whenever I come home I kinda feel like I'm waiting to go back to uni, I'm waiting to see my flatmates again and waiting to just have my own place and do my own thing, have my own little space. Theres something I really enjoy just about being there and knowing that I can kinda do anything I want on my own time. I never did think I'd be like this for uni, I thought I'd want to come home all the time and really kind of hate it, but that just hasn't been the case. 
If you've even been there you'll know why this is on my list, I may not like Disney, or even be a massive fan of the entire franchise, but there really is no way anyone can hate this place, every park has it's own thing and even right now if it wasn't one of the most expensive holidays I would go back in a heart beat. Anyone fancy buying me a holiday to Florida, I'd appreciate it very much. 
The moment you take away the not washing for 4 days, having to literally wee and poo in a troff that I wouldn't even want to see an animal go in; seeing some of your favourite bands all in the same periods of times really is a great way to spend a week in the summer. Reading festival this year has been disappointing and it's sad that I won't be living in a tent this year but next year I'll make it task of mine to make sure I get back there again very soon. 

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