The Importance Of Going Out With Your Girlfriends

I as an avid believer of staying in and watching a Netflix series through in one sitting while drinking one glass of wine and moaning about being single.. however I have been out for the past 3 nights in a row and on one hand I had a very misconceived sex and the city representation of how I would come out of this; smooth hair, funny stories and a date or two, when in reality I've slept in till 2pm, I've eaten 2 and a half crisp sandwiches and contemplated eating a whole chocolate orange and watching a rom com that will make me feel so single. That isn't to say any of the nights out where bad, I have had 3 very solid good, wine filled nights out. And for now I feel I am the only person who on this Easter Sunday isn't drinking some form of champagne or prosecco before 5 in the evening; it's always 5 o'clock somewhere, isn't that what us wine lovers say?

 All this alcohol and catching up got me thinking as to why I need just a night with my girls every once in a while, you know a night with no more aims other then to talk about our problems discuss in length the details of out relationships or lack of them and just how much we're all secretly struggling with becoming adults. It's important to meet up with your girls and cover every topic, weight, body issues and your latest Tinder matches; so just be certain and understand that there will be revelations and long conversations and a lot of people watching. As for myself, I like to think that I can be civilised, I want people to think that we're the classy cool mums but without the kids, husband or responsibilities of being a mum. I like to every now and again act like an 'adult' and be a tad mature. I'm away a lot, I have uni which is 150 miles away from my friends back home so I don't as you can imagine always get to see them, but whenever I am home I always make sure even if it is just once over a short break that we have a night in or just a night in the pub to catch up and quite literally talk about everything and everyone. 

Any question or situation can literally be answered with a night out with your friends:
- Why won't he text me back?
- Do you think my boobs have got bigger?
- do you think my boobs have got smaller?
- I've been trying this new thing where I run and then just eat what I want, you think I've lost weight?
- Has that ever happened to you? I'm not weird am I?
- I'm so happy we can all be weird together?
- Will you be the god mother to my kids, you know when I have them?
- Do you think I'll find love?
- Can I upload this picture?
- If I upload this picture do you think he'll realise what he's missing?
- Does my bum look good in this?
- You like my bra?
- Sorry since when could you do shots?
- Hows life?
- You know when I'm rich, and we're all successful I'll still love you all
- You want shots?
- I fancy him and really like him but like I just don't know what to do?
- So when you getting married?
-Yeah I never like him anyway
- Okay so tonight we're getting you a date, a number or a kiss?

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