Why Do People Keep Asking If I'm Still Single

Have I become that single person that people think will be alone forever, will I be the friend at the wedding reception that doesn't even get a plus 1 option on her invite cause you know I won't ever bring someone along, and I am the person that brings their best friend or dog along to family BBQ's. Have I fulfilled that slot in the group? And now I feel I've taken that place what the hell do I need to do to get out of it. It has become a question which follows in suit of 'hows uni?' 'whens your deadline?' 'oh and you still single? seeing anyone at the moment?' Since when did the moment past midnight of me turning 20 and leaving my teenage years suddenly the relationship question knocked itself up the lists of conversation starters, over taking the place of 'Hows school' and 'Going away anywhere nice this year?' Why is my choice of summer destination less important then my love life, or at this rate the little love life I'm getting. And everytime I'm asked this it is by the select group of people I like to call real adults. You know the ones who own houses, are married themselves, have kids on the way or who quite simply still aren't flat sharing and poor at university, and it always seems to be in front of my mum. I get the same stair into my eyes, one which she feels is discreet and hidden but really she may as well have a flashing sign that is asking me the exact same thing. 
"Alice why are you still single?" and every time I have the same response; "oh you know, taking ti slow, spending some time on my self, I don't even have time for myself let alone someone else." 
*insert awkward laugh and sudden change of conversation to the weather, their new bag or their own children's love life.* Anything to get the subject away from my ultimate single being. 

It hasn't so much as become annoying it's more just as if someone kept asking your name over and over again, you kinda of get the feeling you should wear a big name badge and a neon sign stating it to anyone and everyone who might even wonder that question. Maybe that's what I should do, maybe a sign would help, anyone whose wondering if Alice is still in the land of lonely will known even without asking. The sign will tell all. "54 days without an incident" and the tally can roll over the moment I gap the attention of anyone from the opposite sex. And when I say attention, I mean the smallest gesture I'll take, I mean I don't have much of a choice you know with all the good matches going out the window. It's funny taking about single life, because it's weird to hear what others thing about it, you see some people who love to be in long term commitments, I know people that have been together since they were 14, there are people who won't be held down and only sleep around with different people on their terms cause they want to; I know people who have never been in a relationship, and people who have been treated like dirt on the entire lead up to a relationship and I know people who have cheated and been cheated on; so why is my love life (or little of it) such an interest of topic. There can only be a handful of reasons as to why? 

1. I'm too beautiful and people can't believe I haven't been snapped up by an wonderful man just yet
2. People are scared their partners will fall in love with me so they need to be sure I'm single and then they'll never see me again until I'm heavily committed 
3. They love me and wanna know what their options are 

Is there a massive sign above my head that I do not know about, something that yells to the world I'm undatable and warning them to stay away from the girl with the ginger fro and strange dress sense? Cause the funny thing is I'm kinda okay being single, I don't mind it and it isn't a massive thing for me to deal with at the moment, even though I've been saying it for 20 years, I'm happy focusing on me right now. I'll answer the same answer to the same question until the answer changes, maybe I should have that on the sign rather then a warning about my slight obsession with the idea of love, is that more welcoming? 

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