It's Sunday, Don't Just Stay In Bed

If you are anything like me and basically most Sundays are for lay ins and not pjs then this might be something for you, I have just woken up a little tired from seeing Elton John last night, a little scared to go back to London after last night and now a little bored that my plans have been cancelled. But it's okay, cause if there is one thing Sundays are made for it is making plans that I do like to say that I am a morning person but it seems that Sundays are the hardest day to get up and be motivated, I sit scrolling through my Instagram feed looking at London brunches and seaside breakfasts, with people so put together at 9 in the morning I think I was still dreaming about eggs to even consider eating one, but this is something that I would like to change. Cause the think is I'm finished with uni now, yes year 1 of 3 is now complete and I don't really know what to do with myself, I'm done with work, I've come home for the weekend and then traveling back to Nottingham only to move out next week for the entire summer, and I'm making a promise to myself to make sure that I get up more on Sundays, I wanna see what they have to offer, before it gets to 4 o'clock everyday time and then suddenly I regret not getting up earlier. So I summer resolution to me, get up earlier on Sundays. 

- Walk - 
Okay so I know this sounds like a real simple one but like it gets your arse out of bed and makes you get up and see things. I think in the whole time I have been at university I have gone on my walks and made myself get out when I actually have free time and now that I'm sat in bed I'm kinda annoyed at myself for not now. But I'm also gonna push this on and say make it a run, I have bailed on 2 6am runs while at university, and just like more walks I'm gonna go on more runs too. I hope. 

- Breakfast - 
Roll up those sleeves, find the boomerang app and go and have that Instagram inspired brunch, you're allowed to have brunch as we're not weirdos and getting up to be out and ready by 8 might be a bit much to ask. Tie your french bull dog up to the post, order your eggs royal and take a photo of a nottinghill door. 

- Visit Someone - 
Okay so coming from someone who works in retail throughout the holidays and the times i'm not at uni, this is a bit of a bold statement but isn't Sundays when most people have time off and when most peoples days of coinside with each other, so why not go see family, friends or anyone and just have a cuppa tea and talk about all the embarrassing things that happened on that work do the night before. Trust me a lot can be said on a Sunday morning catch up over tea and toast. 

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