Lorde's New Music Speaks Volume

I brushed aside the Spotify notification I received the other day letting me know about the release of Lorde's new music and then today it rolled up on shuffle and quite literally stopped what I was doing to continue to listen to it. I thought I'd put aside the fact that she is only 6 days older then me an already worldwide phenomenon has more talent in one little finger then I do my whole body in 20 years of living, or the fact that I'm insanely jealous her friendship with Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham to see if it really did live up to everything that I was hoping it would. 

The release of 'Green Light' set the bar high, it over took 'Royals' and made me thing how can we both be in our 20 years of living and she be writing such meaningful and beautiful songs all the while I struggle to write a message in a birthday card. There's something about Lorde which makes you realise she was born singing out the womb and this was the only path for her. Some people like myself try and clamber onto the path we want to go down and it takes us a while to persuade the people that we're half decent and they should totally give us that job, and then there are people like Lorde who just live and breathe it. I mean she's 20.... SHE'S 20! she is one year out of teenage years and already onto her second album, she's equal rights activist, doesn't care about body shamers, stands up for what she believes in is pretty dam bad arse if you want a real opinion on her. 

I would be lying if from one curly haired person to another if I didn't bring up the fact I'm a little hurt she hasn't kept her crazy curls, but the truth is I am willing to look past that if she continues to 110% slay in the music industry. 
As I sit here eating Ferrero Rochers, hiding from the sun and trying to stop my puppy eating my phone charger 'Melodrama' would be the perfect word for me to try and describe how exciting my life is, this is the first and only Saturday I'll get off all summer and I'm hoping that it is more exciting then it really is. So it's kinda a good thing that my neighbours will hear I'm musically cultured and mature. 

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