Summer Body?

I give out a lot of advice, any situation, I mean I'll normally have an angle that I can come at you with, and wether it's good, or you choose to follow it well that's up to you, but I'll try and and I'll try and fix whatever the problem was in the first place... but then why do I face some of the same problems and not heed my own advice like I think I should. Isn't that the first rule of advice taking, you would have to follow whatever you tell other people to do or else what's the point in telling them in the first place. Well you see that's the thing, I have an issue with taking the wise wise words I say to other people and applying them within my life, that just doesn't seem to come as naturally as saying them does. But there is, like most things in life there is the exception. Something from which if you know me might surprise you just how simple okay I am about this area of advice.....

Yes you guessed it by the body, vest shape piece of toast just above, summer bodies. It rolls round to may and most people say they need to get a summer body, yes there are the people who have a summer body all yeah round and go tot gym as much as I make the 2 minuet walk to the fridge and I'm fine with that, I mean I won't be doing it but I'm cool with that. So here's the thing, why is there, wait no why do we every year before summer starts try to change ourselves into the summer version of us. Why do we run to shred these winter pounds and eat lettuce for 8 weeks in order to look good on the beach? 

Please that wasn't a real question, of course I know why people are trying to loose the weight, they feel better about themselves if they do, they think that socially its more acceptable if they're skinny in the summer, they think that skinnier is prettier in a bathing suit and quite frankly people have been brought up to think it's okay to have winter weight but the worst thing in the world to have it for the summer. 
But, and coming from someone who trust me has spent years trying to come to facts with the fact her tummy pokes out when she sits down, she has never and will never had a thigh gap and who enjoys eating rolls as much as she has them saying it's okay to not have a perfect summer body is a big leap towards the body confidence area I've been clinging onto since hitting puberty and realising this puppy fat is here to stay and turning into pure breed through and through. 

A lot of what I think when it comes to how you see yourself is how you feel, if you feel good, in something that isn't the perfect idea of everyone else's perfect' but you feel great in it and you know it makes you feel good when you put that on then I say where it. I wear a lot of the same outfits over and over again, this yes is due to the fact that I am a poor student and cannot afford to keep buying new clothes but this is also I find things that I love myself in. 
Yes love, it's okay to say love and not be  vain, big headed or full of yourself. I find things I love what I look like in them and then basically I wear them all the time, it's basically knowledge really you find a hot outfit you feel hot in it, you'll be confident and other people will find you hot. I get to comfortable sometimes in accepting that I'm not 'perfect' and that turns into laziness and I stop trying, but really I should see myself as perfect and that's when I feel good, It's kinda like the unspoken rule of girls never going shopping on their period cause there is no way you will find something you like, no matter how many times someone tries to tell you you look good, because your mind is full of hormones and menstruation and that comes before everything in the self love department. So apart from those 3-5 days a month, feeling love for your will quite literally shine out of you. Find a good look and kill while wearing it.  

I'm going on holiday in June, and yes it is true the first thing that came into my head is "oh my god I'm gonna have to drop 3 dress sizes, my best friend is tiny and I'm not and I'm gonna look like a huge whale next to her, and people will judge me, and people will think I've eaten the third person on this holiday!" But then I reaslised that I had so many more things to worry about, and that I want to exercise not for loosing weight, like that would be a good side effect but really I want to do more running as that is the only exercise I do not get bored with, I want to do more running so that I can come back after summer and beat my flat mate or at least come close to beating him on a run. I care more about that then I do what I look like in a bikini. I look okay in swim wear and most of the time I'll buy ones and certain types that I know I like so the more I thought about it the more I started to notice I wasn't that bothered by it and I just kinda assumed that I should be. Which really I'm not. 

So I think what I'm trying to say, as I sit on my bed and think about buying pretty swim wear and more holiday clothes that I can't really afford is that the 'summer body' is whatever you want it to be. There isn't a size that makes you look good in a bikini because if you don't feel good in it yourself then you won't feel good 1, 2 or 3 stone lighter. Make your summer body whatever you want it to be. 

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