The Greatest Showman - First look

I'm a big film buff and I don't know why I haven't done more posts about film when I'm subscribed to about 10 trailer channels on Youtube, have IMDB app on my phone and would 100% win in the entertainment category in a pub quiz. I always get interested when I see celebrities post about their new up and coming films on social media, and there was just something about seeing my babes Hugh Jackman look no older then 30 in a brand new film that got me interested. Sorry can't help it. 
I know I'm not the only one who would go to the circus when I was younger and still to this day, it makes me a little sad that kids don't seem to get that buzz from the likes of big dramatic feel good shows. As well as the fact that the circus seems to be something which in itself is dying out. So seeing this trailer gave me that soppy feel good feeling that most happy romantic films seem to give me. I know that this could and might even tern out to be a rubbish film, they might have put all the good bits in the trailer and the rest be awful, but I'm sitting her with my fingers and toes crossed that that isn't the case as that this really does present it self as the feel good film of the year. I've been running out of Rom coms lately and this is the next best thing.  


The sound track sounds great and up beat, and I mean seeing as it was written by the same people as La La Land then I won't be shocked at how good it'll be. Like i've said before it has the likes if Hugh Jackman, as well as Zac Efron, Zendaya and Michelle Williams so I'm just gonna leave the trailer up there and let you all fall in love with it and what it with the same big smile that I had on my face. 

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