Why Guys Shouldn't Be Scared Of The Word Feminist

I once saw a quote that said 'you are either a feminist or you're a bigot' and now by definition Bigot is someone who is intolerant to different opinions, I don't like using this quote as I am always trying to, when it comes to the term feminism to change opinions, so intolerant is not a choice, I want to help change your ideas.  The things that I have found when still talking about feminism to guys I know is that it is still classed as joke, they are not laughing in the face of equal rights, it's not that they think men are better then women or that they are better then me and they are generally nice alright guys and some of my best friends but they do seem to have this idea that calling yourself a feminist is the starting sentence to a rant or an argument about how women should rule the world and make men our slaves, or that in some way or another I'm out to start and argument over something little, making a mountain out of a very small mole hill and cause more drama I mean please it isn't like I walk around with the term imprinted on my forehead....
"Oh yeah hi, I'm Alice, 20 years of age and believe women are better then men and I hate them." 

This by the way is not feminism. This is something completely different and I'm sure it has a name but I don't like to think about women doing that, kinda pisses on my parade if you get me. There has been a change in the way some guys, now you see me say some guys as yes not all guys are like this, some are 100x better and sadly some are 100x worst; however from the main part feminism has become a spin on it's own head. Rather then being the world its meant to be, strong clear and outlining just what type of 'normal' person you are, somehow it has become a reason to assume you're an angry bitch who hate guys. I love guys, some of the best people I know are guys, but also sadly some of the best people I know are also still saying they're not a feminist, and I feel that comes along very hand in hand with the fear of people thinking you're angry and out to get them. I won't lie I don't really care that much if people think I'm an angry feminist, lets be clear though I am not, I'm passionate and too often both of these traits when it comes to subjects such as feminism, race or gender get mixed up together as a reason to call you wrong in the term of a little raised voice or people who just don't seem to listen. With most things In life that any individual becomes passionate about, be it Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, UK Politics, a football team or a band, someone telling you that they agree will always get your back up, so why are women seen as angry and a groupie is passionate and believes in what they believe in. To me and everyone else who describes themselves as a feminist it just seem logic that that is the only choice. 

But it also has be clear that I understand the struggles women have gone through, I've faced them, I've read books about them, I've seen interviews about them and I've seen them happen right in front of my ginger head. So this is why I choose to say I'm a feminist, and this is also why I still can't understand how some men thing it's a bad thing or even scary to admit that they are too. 

I have first hand, as a joke or seriously been told to get back into the kitchen, am I moody because it's my time of month, that I can't do or go as far in work because I'm a women, been called a slag and been called touchy when I got annoyed or reacted back, been called frigid cause I didn't wanna get with someone in a club and had my dressed pulled up by a stranger cause he thought he could, these are the things that I as a 20 year old white female have experienced; but I am also aware of the many other factors which effect my gender in every area from politics, to the media to work and pay. 

The thing is every man or boy came from a women, quite literally without women they wouldn't be here, so it seems to hurt my brain thinking about why some men don't like to use the word feminist, it's not that they don't agree with the values behind it cause they do and it isn't like they don't know what it means but for some reason the word itself is what scares them. If you say you believe in equal rights for both genders and respect women and understand they need and want the same respect men get then you're a feminist. refusing to use the word is like me saying I don't eat meat or fish but refusing to call myself veggie cause some people find the word threatening.

I won't march around the streets with a signs demanding that you all state yourselves as feminists, but it does make the little bit of me feel so happy when I realise we have similar thoughts on equal rights. It's like you've just told me we hate the same person and instantly we've become best friends. You want equal rights and I want equal rights so lets bring people together and stop having the term 'feminism' of being a dirty or embarrassing word. 

We as women help raise our daughters along side the help of men, and those men were raised by women, so wouldn't they want them to grow up strong, proud and equal to all. I take it back tot he quote at the beginning and I simple say that there isn't a middle ground.... you either believe women are equal or you don't I mean if Love Island on ITV can bring up the factor of feminism then surely it's coming into the right light? 


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