I'm So Ready For The Cold | Winter Fashion

I don't know if it's just me but I'm fed up of waking up seeing the sun, thinking it'll be nice outside and it's so misleading that I end up freezing to death on the way to work, or entering a building without a coat even on my person and leaving that same place 1 hour later and wishing that I'd packed a thermal, gloves and scarf just to walk to the car. So I'm just hoping that soon the weather makes up it's mind cause now I've brought a new scarf and know the new coat I NEED to add to my collection I'm kinda ready for it to be cold now. Yes I said it. The C word. I'm ready for it to be gold, have my tea in a travel flask and build the layers up so I resemble Joey from friends that one time he stole all of Chandlers clothes. These are the clothes I wanna be wearing when that cold block decides to hit. 

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