The Feminist Lingerie Advert You Didn't Know You Needed

Why this lingerie advert is the feminist message we didn't know We needed: 

Underwear.... I'm a fan in fact I know sometimes underwear and a good bra can be the make or break of a good start to the day we didn't know we needed but as far as knowledge goes my arms stretch out to ASOS and maybe the fancy section of Marks and Spencer's in a sale so how comes this underwear brand is spreading the empowerment message that we all never knew we needed to see. 

Body control. It's something that is so easy to say but do we really complete it. It's easy yes to say I love my body and I do with it as I want but that doesn't mean we can see the same in the media or in shops. Put your hands up in the air if you really just don't care any more about the female gaze being used to sell a mans watch or a car or their bloody aftershave. Why are and have women been use as a pushed to get men to want to buy something. I'm sorry to break it too you guys. It doesn't mean the moment to spray that scent secret angel models will drop from the ceilings begging to love you. I don't need a half naked Ryan gosling to help me buy a watch I mean it might make the process more fun but I'll buy a watch cause I like the way it looks on  my wrist and one that has the most 'is that brand new or 20 years old ascetic' I can find. So why do men? 

And now you might think, but this is a lingerie advert Alice, men can look at this and wish their girlfriends were looking like these models do in the items. But this advert does so much more. This advert takes the women involved being oggelled (which yes is a real word) stated at and a type of male entertainment and flips it on their head. They wanna stop them from looking and enjoy each other all for the fact they know they look unreal in what they're wearing. From the start it's easy for them to stop the men from watching. But they prove they are in control, the women have the power to show them as much as they want or as little until they decide other wise. You wanna stare at my arse cause I know it looks good then do so but you can only stair at my arse while I decided it's okay and you're not allowed to see more then that!  They don't loose clothes to please the men they do it to please themselves. Taking the power back. 

For way to long men have seen to the fact that women are their as something to marvel at when they please and how they please some men see no boundaries and some think they should just 'deserve' to see women as they want to see them. But today I think you know it's okay to make people wait and to call the shots on how you want people to see you. If there is something that makes you feel good then you should and are able to do it without the pressures of others maybe not approving or enjoying it. You wanna take your clothes off to a game of strip pool in underwear I'll probs never buy them you be my absolute guest 

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